Master SC

Study adviser

A study adviser can be contacted with questions about regulations within the faculty or university; study related issues or private matters that are of influence on study and/or well-being.

Study adviser

L. (Lilian) Spijker

Room Zilverling 1005
Phone: 053 489 5645
E -mail:


You can make an appointment with the Study Adviser via Such a session usually takes about half an hour. In case there is much to talk about you can also make an appointment for a longer period. To have more frequent meetings is (if indicated) also possible.

Studying with a disability

Being disabled, following an educational programme is not always easy. However, the UT makes a serious effort to enable the disabled to study. Especially, physically or sensory disabled students or dyslexic students are given the opportunity to take examinations in a way that is tailored to the requirements of their personal disabilities as much as possible.

If you have a handicap that may hamper your study, please consult theĀ study adviser of this programme.