Want to study abroad?

Study Abroad Information for EEMCS students

The faculty of EEMCS encourages its students to go abroad during their studies and to gain international experiences during an exchange at a foreign university. This website provides EEMCS students with information about going on exchange for courses.

If you are participating in a study tour or are interested in participating in a summer school you can find the needed information here.

Studying abroad for couses will require you to arrange a lot of things. Make sure that this fits within your study plan. Below is a timeline (the no. of months prior to departure) of the steps to be taken to arrange an exchange experience. This serves as a guideline, therefor the information provided gives no guarantee.


Mobility Online Step

Stage Name

Months in advance you need to arrange this

Before Mobility

Orientation, Requirement & course selection 

12-8 months

Before Mobility

UT registration & Application at Host University  

8-3 months

Before Mobility

Preparation for departure

3-0 months

During Mobility

While abroad

0-12 months

After Mobility

Returning home & Finalising your Mobility

0-1 months afterwards

Below is a map with all the locations where EEMCS students have been on a study abroad exchange (2017-2019)