Forms and Procedures


Forms and Links for Individual Programme


The individual programme of the student, including the chosen specialisation, profile and variant of year 2, must be completed within 8 weeks after the start of the programme.
The form must be signed by the programme mentor (of the chosen specialisation) and the student and afterwards the student must sent the signed form to BOZ-ROB (

Forms and links for Capita Selecta Robotics


Capita Selecta Robotics (202200116) is a 5-EC study unit to provide the opportunity to explore specifc Robotics topics in depth, which are not available as a regular course.

Forms and links for Internship


The internship (202200120) is outside the UT organisation, and for gaining experience in working in a company or institution at an academic level. This hosting organisation provides the topic to work on during the internship.
It can only be taken if you take Variant 1 of Year 2: BSc degree from an academic institution and MTP at UT.

Forms and Links for Academic-Skills Project

Forms and Links for MSc-Thesis Project