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After the crisis: An international perspective

Impression of the online event Risk & Resilience 2020

Taste the atmosphere of the online risk event of 2020, organised by the Professional Learning & Development Centre of the University of Twente. Due to the corona crisis, it was necessary to switch to an online event. This allows you to look back and experience the 3-day event in its entirety. How can you do this? Watch various webinars, read the blogs from a student perspective or study the presentations of day 2. Day 1 is in English, for the dutch overview: click here!

Day 1
Risk & Resilience Online 2020

The first day of the online event offers a stage for former Risk & Resilience speakers from all over the world: from Canada to Spain and from Belgium to Norway. A vibrant online panel discussion featuring experts coming from Europe and Canada seeking answers to pressing questions concerning the global coronacrisis.

How is the coronavirus outbreak affecting different countries? What lessons can we draw from experiences?