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Risk & Resilience Festival


The Risk & Resilience Festival is an annual event where knowledge and expertise in risk, resilience and safety is researched, developed and shared. It provides a meeting and networking place for professionals, practitioners, scientists, academics, students and alumni who want to share and enrich their knowledge and experience. From 2023, the Festival will focus on knowledge development in the odd-numbered years and knowledge sharing in the even-numbered years.

In 2023, participants will be challenged to work together on major transformation issues for the future. This under the motto: what implications do the major transformation issues have for risk & resilience. Issues such as digitalisation, energy transition, scarcity of labour form the starting point for this.

Aftermovie 2022

  • Regular ticket

    €120 (normal ticket price after 1 September).

  • UT-student and employee ticket

    Students and employees of the University of Twente, a ticket costs €25.

  • Student ticket high schools and other universities

    Student ticket: €25. Request your discount code here!

  • What happens to your ticket if the festival is cancelled?

    If the Risk & Resilience Festival does not take place (due to COVID-19), the ticket will be carried forward to 2024. No online alternative is offered.


Risk & Resilience in short

  • Theme

    To be announced

  • When

    Thursday 10 November 2022

  • Where

    Campus of the University of Twente, building The Waaier

  • Purpose

    To bring together research results, research methods, expertise, ideas on and experience with managing big data – and to determine together what the impact is on our field of study: managing risk and resilience. How do we use the data responsibly and purposefully? And how do we deal with all ethical and moral issues, what about privacy and security?

  • Organisation

    Genootschap voor Risicomanagement, PRIMO and the University of Twente

  • Terms and Conditions

    Click here for the terms and conditions (dutch).