Risk and Resilience Festival

Risk meets resilience for a sustainable future

We are living in an era with increasing attention for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, whereby people, environment and growth of prosperity should be harmoniously balanced. The above is also prompted  by climatological changes, technological developments and ever advancing globalisation.

The current turbulent and uncertain times calls into question the value of risk analysis, detailed risk planning and elaborate risk strategies. It also complicates the response to traditional questions related to risk management: what can go wrong?, how likely is this? and what could the consequences be? An uncertain future means that many organisations have difficulties realising excessive plans - often too detailed and filled with too many promises - when the term of these plans is reduced as a result of fast changes.

The traditional response to this problem is risk plans and risk management. Many organisations use advanced planning procedures and more formalised decision-making processes and reinforce management supervision with a clearer allocation of responsibility (and culpability). However, there are few indications that this method succeeds in ‘taming’ the unknown or has significantly increased the success rate of risky endeavours. Paradoxically, the minimum requirement for identifying a result is often to carry on and see what happens.

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The risk event of 2019

The Festival is centred around the theme “Risk meets Resilience for a Sustainable Future”. Together with participants, lecturers and speakers will take part in discussion sessions on the way in which the two approaches can reinforce one another and contribute to an uncertain and unpredictable future in which people, planet and prosperity will be harmoniously balanced.

The challenges from the Global Risk Report 2019 by the World Economic Forum constitute a challenging framework to get to work together.

What is the impact of these challenges, and how can Risk Management and Resilience form a response to uncertainties that threaten a sustainable future or perhaps even strengthen:

  • Political and economic tensions between countries: what are the consequences for challenges related to sustainability?
  • How can we arm ourselves against cyberattacks and cybercrime that can disrupt – or even paralyse – organisations and our society?
  • What is the impact of populism and polarisation on our political system, and on international cooperation and coordination for the environment and security?  
  •  How can we deal with climatological changes, pollution of air and sea, and rising CO2 emissions?  

Perspective for a sustainable society

The Festival adopts several perspectives (topics) to look at the current challenges for building a sustainable society. The topics are: strategy, technology, finance, data, human, operations & safety, and legal & compliance. The (combination of) approaches from resilience and risk management aspects form the starting point and viewpoint for a discussion with speakers, students, and participants from public and private domains.  

The third edition of the Risk & Resilience Festival is once again organised by the University of Twente, in collaboration with the Genootschap for Risicomanagement (the Risk Management Society) and PRIMO. Together, we aim to make a contribution to, and shape, a sustainable Netherlands. Will you join us?

Buy your ticket for the Risk & Resilience Festival now
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Ticket price: €130,-
Students: free

What: Risk & Resilience Festival 2019
Theme: Risk meets Resilience for a Sustainable Future
When: 7 November 2019
Objective: On this day, we bring together research, knowledge, insights and experiences related to risk & resilience.
Organisation: University of Twente & Genootschap voor Risicomanagement & PRIMO

Where: View the location map

Would you like to stay overnight? This is possible at the pleasant U-park hotel on the campus of University of Twente. Book your room here: https://www.uparkhotel.nl/en/meet/agenda

2019 Programme

The programme for 2019 has been finalised! Are you curious about who to expect? Select the ‘speakers’ tab to find out more. If you would like to be alerted as soon as the programme for the Risk & Resilience Festival 2019 is announced, please follows PLD on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can view the complete programme here. Unfortunately, not all content is available yet, but you can start choosing your options before 1 October!

The following organisations have delegated speakers to the 2019 edition of the Festival:

  • Educational institutions, such as: Radboud University, TU Delft, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven University, VU University Amsterdam, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of Huddersfield (UK), Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Lund University (Sweden), and the University of Twente
  • Government institutions, such as: Municipality of Rotterdam, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Ministry of Defence, Land Registry, Twente Safety Region, Dutch Central Bank, and Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management).
  • Care institutions, such as: ZGT Almelo/Hengelo, Stichting Stresscentrum, and Stichting RugPoli.
  • Businesses, such as: Van Oord, Prorail, Philips, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, PWC, Achmea, Cerrix, Naris, Riskid, RONT, Trustworks, Delta Pi, Cratos Risk, Xebia Security, Fully in Control, and AON.
8 themes on the festival

The Festival has the following themes: Risk & Resilience (main stage), Resilience, Strategy, Legal & Compliance, Technology, Finance, Human, Operations & Safety en Data.

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Look at the program of the Risk & Resilience Festival.

Register as a speaker

Unfortunately you can no longer register as a speaker for 7 November 2019. However, participant tickets are still available. We look forward to welcoming you at the University of Twente campus on 7 November.