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Risk & Resilience Festival
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Risk & Resilience Festival is over

The Risk & Resilience Festival 2023 will take place on Thursday 9 November. This seventh edition is all about the innovative thinking of the participants. In an interactive setting you will work with others on one of the major social challenges of the Netherlands. No sound is too crazy, let's hear it!

Everyone wants sustainable energy, but nobody wants to be left out in the cold in winter because there is not enough wind or sun production. This is the dilemma of many of our social challenges. They are urgent, but must also be implemented carefully. Whether it concerns energy, housing or climate resilience: developing the right technologies is one thing, ensuring that the process is socially responsible is another. One of the major challenges of transitions is to keep everyone on board and, above all, to make the transition not just for the national government and large organisations.

Getting started with a transition question 

During the Risk and Resilience Festival we will work on socially responsible solutions for a number of important transition issues. You can choose from four social themes to work with:

You will work in a team on the basis of concrete case studies. Every sound is welcome: the more opinions, the livelier the dialogue and the more interesting the learning process. Everything takes place under the expert guidance of a facilitator.

During the day, we will work according to the Challenge-Based Learning methodology, in which you will formulate a challenge for one of the scenarios in a diverse group. Besides formulating the challenge, the group will also think about possible solutions and make a first draft of your chosen solution. You will present the poster you develop during the day to a jury, which will then select one winner per theme.

This process will be guided by experienced facilitators and will be divided into 6 phases:

Fase 0: Getting to know each other

Fase 1: Defining the challenge

Fase 2: Solutions

Fase 3: Solution selection

Fase 4: Developing a poster

Fase 5: Presentation

Besides offering a unique opportunity to reflect on the future with like-minded people, this day is also an opportunity to be taken through the methodology of Challenge-Based Learning and experience it for yourself.

Transdisciplinary work 

Of course, many transitions are strongly interrelated. That is why we work together transdisciplinary and start the day with a plenary session. As a result, you as a participant get a clear picture of how your theme relates to the others and you can better come up with a conclusive scenario. At the end of the festival, a jury chooses the best scenario for each theme.


In addition to the team sessions per theme, there are also various keynote speakers in the plenary hall. They are experts in the field of scenario development and risk analysis. So let yourself be inspired in many ways!

And the inspiration is not limited to the Risk & Resilience Festival. The day is the prelude to an – ever-growing – community. Within this you can exchange ideas about the transition on your theme and invite people to participate.


The price of a ticket is only €35 (also for UT students and employees). With only 50 places available per theme, demand is high and availability is limited. Register now!


Risk & Resilience in short

  • Theme

    To be announced

  • When

    Thursday 10 November 2022

  • Where

    Campus of the University of Twente, building The Waaier

  • Purpose

    To bring together research results, research methods, expertise, ideas on and experience with managing big data – and to determine together what the impact is on our field of study: managing risk and resilience. How do we use the data responsibly and purposefully? And how do we deal with all ethical and moral issues, what about privacy and security?

  • Organisation

    Genootschap voor Risicomanagement, PRIMO and the University of Twente

  • Terms and Conditions

    Click here for the terms and conditions (dutch).