Risk & Resilience Festival

Joint the risk community - RISK & RESILIENCE FESTIVAL - 4 NOVEMBER 2021 

Indestructible adaptability and resilience are crucial in this unpredictable world and uncertain time. Risk and resilience management is – just now – invaluable.  

One step ahead with big data

This year's Risk & Resilience Festival is themed: 'One step ahead with big data'. Mariëlle Stoelinga, Professor of Risk Management of High-Tech Systems, explains: "Data analysis, artificial intelligence and algorithms provide an incredible amount of possibilities, these techniques help enormously in identifying and dealing with risks. For example, we gain insight into human behaviourand. With this insight, we can better predict behavior and ensure that the technology we design and the policies we create fit this behavior. But how do we really use these techniques efficiently? How do we ensure that we can optimally manage risks and increase our resilience – and that of our organisation?"

Mariëlle Stoelinga - Professor of Risk Management for High-tech systems
“We collect staggering amounts of data. Every day it has a sloppy 2 quintillion bytes...”

Mariëlle: "We collect staggering amounts of data. Every day it has a sloppy 2 quintillion bytes – that's a 2 with 18 zeros behind it. That's almost impossible to imagine – especially when you consider that more data has been collected in 2019 than in all the years before. This is irrevocably the question of what we should do with all this data. How do we use the data responsibly and purposefully? And how do we deal with all ethical and moral issues, what about privacy and security?"

Predictive maintenance based on data

Mariëlle goes on to talk about her keynote: "My keynote is about  predictive maintenance, or, in good Dutch, predictive maintenance". In 'predictive maintenance', we use sensor data and historical fault data to predict – with the help of big data and artificial intelligence – when failures  in devices can occur and how they will then proceed. This helps with planning maintenance – because if you know what's coming, you can respond to that and make sure that, for example, you replace a machine part, just before it breaks down. This saves costs, it reduces interruptions and reduces nuisance. So a win-win situation."

Working on trust in data

But what does it take for this 'predictive maintenance'? Quite a bit, says Mariëlle: "There are already all kinds of (technological) cleverness with which we can collect data on the time and how we can best perform maintenance, such as sensors and optimization techniques. But how do we ensure that all the information we get is well matched? And what sensors do we need and where exactly should they be? What we also don't know well is: how, for example, maintenance workers deal with the (predictive) information that is available? What can and dare them to do?

Step by step to data-driven maintenance

Behaviour therefore plays a key role. Thesolution  is an important place, which is far from always there in our traditional –  human-driven culture– that is far from there. The large-scale introduction of 'predictive maintenance' can only be done if companies transform from a traditional culture to a data-driven culture – into a corporate culture in which data and  artificial  intelligence are integrated and embedded in the organizational and work processes. How that can be done, what solutions there are and what principles companies can help with this, I will tell you in my  keynote. I tell you how your organisation – step by step – is also reaping the benefits of data-driven  maintenance."

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What:                  Risk & Resilience Festival

Theme:                One step ahead with Big Data

When:                 Thursday 2 November 2021 

Aim:                     To bring together research results, research methods, expertise, ideas on and experience with managing big data – and to determine together what the impact is on our field of study: managing risk and resilience. How do we use the data responsibly and purposefully? And how do we deal with all ethical and moral issues, what about privacy and security?

Organisation:    University of Twente & Genootschap voor Risicomanagement & PRIMO

Where:               Building the Waaier and also online