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Green Team Twente participates in Formula Student Netherlands with unveiled revolutionary hydrogen car

Green Team Twente, a multidisciplinary student team consisting of 26 enthusiastic full-time students, will participate in the prestigious Formula Student Netherlands competition. With the goal of creating a greener future by showcasing the possibilities of hydrogen and informing people about it, the team unveiled their new race car during a car reveal event on June 23.

For the past 10 years, Green Team Twente has focused on building a highly efficient hydrogen car and has participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon with great succes. The team demonstrated that it is possible to drive on hydrogen while being highly efficient. However, to push the boundaries of hydrogen even further and continue innovating, Green Team Twente decided last year to take on a new challenge: building a hydrogen race car that demonstrates the great power and speed of hydrogen.

Car Reveal

They will achieve this with their new hydrogen car: Apollo GDO. Green Team Twente unveiled their latest car on Thursday, June 23, during their Car Reveal event for all partners. The livestream of this event can be viewed on YouTube. When asked about the event, Amber Peters, team manager of the team, immediately smiles. "I felt incredibly proud presenting the car," said Amber Peters, Team Manager of the team. "Everyone has worked incredibly hard on the car over the past year, and to be able to present it live to everyone here is fantastic. We were all watching with immediate goosebumps."

Formula Student

With this car, Green Team Twente will participate in the Formula Student competition in the Netherlands and Germany. The competition in the Netherlands at the TT Assen circuit is just around the corner, taking place from July 8 to 13. Currently, there are only two classes within the competition: gasoline and electric. However, Green Team Twente wants to be at the forefront and establish a hydrogen class, convincing other participating teams to switch to hydrogen.

During the competition, they will not be racing against the other cars. "During the Formula Student Netherlands competition, we are there to present our project to the organization and other teams. We want to emphasize the potential of hydrogen as a fuel and show that it can provide not only cleanliness but also power and speed," said Peters. "We hope to inspire other teams to embrace our vision and work together towards a more sustainable future." On Wednesday, July 12, the hydrogen engineers will present and demonstrate their hydrogen system.

Green Team Twente is eagerly looking forward to Formula Student Netherlands. The team is determined to push the boundaries of hydrogen innovation and showcase what hydrogen can offer in the future. Formula Student Netherlands is an open event and is free to attend for everyone. Updates about the race will be posted on the Green Team Twente website. They can also be followed on their active Instagram account where they will post regularly.

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