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SRO meetings

The SRO meetings are held on a monthly basis, generally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. They consist of two oral presentations given by two researchers from MESA+ or MIRA, followed by discussion.

The goals of these meetings is to stimulate discussion and exchanges between the different groups active in the SRO, and to generate collaborations between different research groups at MESA+ and/or MIRA.

The next SRO meeting will take place on the Wednesday 18th of June 2014 in the room Carré 2506 from 10.30 till 12.00. The program is as follows:

  • Corina Ghebes, TR Group (MESA+)  
    Regeneration of ligaments and tendons
  • Himanshu Chaudhary, NBP (MIRA/MESA+)
    “α-Synuclein fibrillization plays an essential role in membrane disruption”

Meetings will start again after the summer break.

Previous SRO meetings:

15th of May 2014

  • Erik Vrij, TR Group (MESA+)  
    A hydrogel microwell platform for bottom-up tissue engineering and HTS
  • Dr. Penny Martens, visiting researcher at DBE (MIRA), from the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia
    “Biosynthetic Hydrogel Cell Encapsulation Systems with a Focus on Diabetes Applications”

17th of April 2014

  • Slav Semerdzhiev, NBP Group (MESA+ & MIRA)
    “Hierarchical self-assembly of alpha-synuclein and Lewy bodies: a possible physico-chemical relation”
  • Raquel Weinhart-Mejia, MNF (MESA+)
    “MOFs as multivalent materials: size control and surface functionalization by monovalent capping ligands”

20th of March 2014

  • Claas-Willem Visser, POF Group (MESA+ & MIRA)
    “Quantifying cell adhesion through impingement of a controlled microjet”
  • Dr. Aart van Apeldoorn, DBE group (MIRA)
    “Creating a bioartificial pancreas turn type one into type none”

16th of January 2014

  • Rinda Putri, BNT Group (MESA+)
    “Synergistic Biocatalysts inside Virus-based Nanoreactors”
  • Verena Stimberg, BIOS group (MESA+)
    “Microfluidic platform for bilayer experimentation: application to monitor membrane dynamics using confocal microscopy combined with electrophysiological measurements of gramicidin activity”

21st of November 2013

  • Dr. Justyna Wiedemain, BIOS Group (MESA+)
    “Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the measurement of carbon dioxide””
  • Christian Raiss, NBP Group (MESA+/MIRA)
    “Morphological and functional heterogeneity of Lewy body-like inclusions in a Parkinson disease cell model system”

16th of October 2013

  • Emanuela Cavatorta, MNF Group (MESA+)
    “Methods to introduce chemical functionalities to cell surface”
  • Dr. Wim van Hoeve, Tide Microfluidics
    “Microfluidic methods for improved contrast in ultrasound imaging”

Parallel session Nanomedicine at the MESA+ day on the 16th of September 2013

  • Harmen Mulder, NBP Group (MIRA/MESA+)
    “Size-selective detection in an integrated optical Young interferometer biosensor”
  • Rogier Schoeman, BIOS (MESA+)
    “Microfluidic platform towards electrofusion of cells in droplets”
  • Haico te Kulve, STƏPS
    “Economic and Societal Dimensions of Nanotechnology-enabled Drug Delivery”
  • Jasper van Weerd, MNF (MESA+)
    “Designing novel interfaces to cells”

20th of June 2013

  • Burcu Celikkol, NBP Group (MIRA/MESA+)
    “Magnetic probes for the study of receptor aggregation in cells”
  • Dr. Zhenxia Hao, BIOS Group (MESA+)
    “Human Embryo Culture in Microfluidics for assisted reproductive technologies (ART)”

16th of May 2013

  • Dr. Lorenzo Moroni, TR Group (MIRA)
    “Biofabrication technologies to instruct regeneration”
  • Prof. Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung, Regulation and Technology (IGS)
    “How can regulation support beneficial nanomedical development? An analysis of the regulatory activities of the European Medicines Agency.”

18th of April 2013

  • Guoying Si, CDD Group (MIRA)
    “Targeting Poly(amido amine)-Gold Nanoparticles for Imaged Near-Infrared Triggered DNA delivery”
  • Melanie Brasch, BNT Group (MESA+)
    “Functional materials inside protein cages”

21st of March 2013

  • Wies van Roosmalen, MNF Group (MESA+)
    “Supramolecular chemistry-based manipulation of endothelial cell migration to improve vascular stent re-endothelialization”
  • Kristian Göeken, NBP Group (MESA+)
    “Localized surface plasmon resonance based sensing for pathogen detection”

21st of February 2013

  • Jai Prakash, Targeted Therapeutics Group (MIRA)
    “Novel Targeted Therapeutics: A Promise to the Future Medicine”
  • Tushar Satav, MNF Group (MESA+)
    “A host guest self-assembling dendrimers exploited to trigger receptor preclustering induced VEGF signaling pathway on molecular printboard”

24th of January 2013

  • Lonneke Griep, BIOS Lab on a Chip Group (MESA+)
    “BBB ON CHIP: Microfluidic platform to mechanically and biochemically modulate blood-brain barrier function”
  • Dr David Fernandez Rivas, Mesofluidics Group (MESA+)
    “Microneedle drug delivery principles and performance testing of devices: a Lab-on-a-Chip approach”

20th of December 2012

  • Dr. Pamela Habibovic, Tissue Regeneration Group (MIRA)
    “Instructive materials for tissue regeneration”

22nd of November 2012

  • Anja Stefanovic, Nanobiophysics group (MESA+)
    “From phospholipid bilayers to natural membranes-the role of alpha-synuclein in membrane permeabilization”
  • Dr. Michel Versluis, Physics of Fluids Group (MESA+)
    “Ultrasound- assisted drug delivery”

18th of October 2012

  • Introduction by the program director, Dr. Séverine Le Gac
  • Carmen Stoffelen, Molecular NanoFabrication Group (MESA+)
    “Size-tunable supramolecular nanoparticles locked by cucurbit[8]uril”
  • Dr. Sourav Bhattacharjee, BIOS Lab on a Chip Group (MESA+)
    “Lab-on-a-chip technique: A New Avenue in Nanotoxicology”

18th of September 2012, annual MESA+ meeting

  • Niels Zijlstra, NanoBioPhysics Group (MESA+)
    “Molecular composition of alpha-synuclein amyloid oligomers determined by single-molecule photobleaching”
  • Rik Rurup, BioNanotechnology Group (MESA+)
    “From virus to medicine”
  • Arpita De, BIOS Lab on a Chip Group (MESA+)
    “Nanopill diagnostic system: towards an integrated hypermethylated DNA detection”
  • Michel Klein Gunnewiek, Materials Science and Technology of Polymers (MESA+)
    “Effect of polycaprolactone surface morphology on cell adhesion”