Research Area: Devices

The Devices research area is aimed at building integrated devices for a broad range of expected functions. They can help solve many different kinds of problems in society. For example, our devices are already used in sensing, actuation and production. The character and definition of a specific device strongly depends on its function. Our integrated devices have a flexible definition of scales ranging from the nanoscale, the microscale and up to larger dimensions that allow its utilization by society.


In the Device research area, we generate, adapt and integrate knowledge and materials to gain new understanding on challenging scientific questions across all scientific and application domains. Our research has a highly multidisciplinary character: we use the knowledge and expertise from experts in the optical, electronic, fluidic, chemical and biological fields. We excel in all stages of scientific and technologic challenges, from fundamental knowledge, design and modelling to fabrication and testing.


The Devices research area at the MESA+ Institute is the ultimate valorisation domain. Our devices typically reach Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4-6. Together with our partners and spinoffs, we strive to get our results out of the lab and into society. In the Nanolab, we strive to develop "fabrication platforms": a sequence of processes leading to a specific family of devices. Virtually all research groups in the MESA+ Institute contribute to the creation of new devices.