Quant Centre

Centre for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente

Quantum physics is over 100 years old and is essential for understanding the physics of light and matter. Important technology such as the MRI scanner, the laser and superconductors cannot exist without it. Yet only recently scientists actively started exploring the possibilities of manipulating quantum information for completely new ways of cryptography and computation. This has been coined as the 2nd quantum revolution. In order to advance experimental progress towards applications, engineering and technology is required, in particular in the area where the MESA+ Institute excels: nanotechnology.

It is our ambition therefore to gear nanotechnology towards the 2nd quantum revolution.

We are the Centre for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente (QUANT). Pepijn Pinkse is the director of QUANT, with Floris Zwanenburg as co-director. Quant has officially been opened during the (online) MESA+ day on 21 September 2020.