SRO meetings

10 Nov 2011 - 1st meeting SRO Enabling Technologies

Thursday November 10, 2011 the first meeting of the SRO Enabling Technologies will take place.

The “Enabling Technologies” monthly SRO meetings will be held every 2nd Thursday of a month, from 11-12.30h and shall include room for 2 speakers and enough time for discussions. These meetings have a focus on Nanoscale Electrochemistry and related SPM techniques.

The first meeting will take place on Thursday, November 10 from 11 to 12.30h in Carre 2H.

Speakers are:

  • Maarten van Meegen, BIOS: "Towards the electrochemical detection of macromolecules at nanometer spaced electrodes”
  • Arie van Houselt, CPM: “Time resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy”