dr.ir. F.H.C. de Jongh

Welcome to the personal page of Frans de Jongh.


Room: Horstring, N-213
Phone: + 31-(0)53 - 489 11 86

e-mail: f.h.c.dejongh@utwente.nl


- Biomechanics
- Biophysical fluid dynamics: The respiratory system
- Fysische transportversch. in biologische systemen
- Regulatie & Integratie
- Respiratoire systeem
- Multi Disciplinaire Opdracht
- Endoscopic Skills

- Biological Control Systems
- Circulation and Ventilation

Research Area

- Bio-Physical Flows

Biofluid dynamics is mainly concentrated on flows in the human body and more specific flows in the human lungs. At the subsection of biophysical fluid dynamices the following projects are under investigation:
-Flows through elastic (lung) tubes
-Development of a device to measure continously non-invasively the work of
-Deposition of aerosols in the human lung