a Finite Element Analysis Toolkit for Use in a Research Environment

FeaTure is a framework for C++ programming of finite element codes. It provides a number of base classes such as element, node, degree of freedom and material classes, but also utility classes as matrix and vector classes, shape function classes and more.

Most classes are intended to be base classes for your own derivations. If (in different places) classes are derived for a new material behavior, a new element type and, say, a new time integration scheme, this could all be easily exchanged among researchers.

Release 0.5 (Jan. 2006) of FeaTure is tested on a PC under Windows 98 with Borland C++ 5.5, with gcc 3.3.3 (64 bit Linux), 3.3.4 and 3.3.5 (32 bit Linux) and 3.4.4 (SunOS), on SunOS 5.9 with the CC compiler 5.8, on HP/UX with the aCC compiler and on Compaq Tru64 with cxx. The zip and tar files include the FeaTure header and source files. Note that this is only a library and no program by its own. As an example, the program FeaTureD(FeaTure Demo) is included. This program can be generated as batch program or as a program with graphical user interface (GUI). For the GUI program, the wxWidgets library is used. If you want to make this program, you should get the wxWidgets 2.6 release from the original wxWidgets site. FeaTureD comes with a test directory, checking the results of many small tests.

FeaTure is put on the internet as free software. I would very much like to hear your feedback and if possible improvements. See also the 'Future plans' part in the manual. Four questions or feedback, you can send an e-mail to Ton van den Boogaard



158 kB

FeaTure, FeaTureD, tests, gzipped Unix tar file.


234 kB

FeaTure, FeaTureD, tests, zipped for DOS/MS-Windows (CR/LF)


264 kB

Manual for FeaTure (pdf, only the toolkit)


109 kB

Manual for FeaTureD (pdf, only the demo program)


294 kB

Console version executable of the demo program FeaTureD for MS-Windows, zipped


954 kB

GUI version executable of the demo program FeaTureD for MS-Windows, zipped


63 kB

IDE files for Borland (version 5.02), zipped (for FeaTure 0.2 release, but maybe usefull)


FeaTure was developed by Ton van den Boogaard