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Publications of the Chair of Laser Processing

Journal papers and conference contributions

PhD theses

Capuano, Luigi (2020) Laser micro/nanoprocessing and subsequent chemical etching of sapphire for surface and bulk functionalization

Mezera, Marek (2020) Picosecond Laser-induced Periodic Surface Structures: Process strategies for metals, silicon and polymers

Ur Rahman, Naveed (2020) Laser based additive manufacturing for hot rolling contacts: Alloy development, laser processing and high temperature tribology

Mustafa, Hasib (2019) (Ultra)Short Pulsed Laser Surface Texturing of Zinc

Ya, Wei (2015) Laser materials interactions during cladding: analyses on clad formation, thermal cycles, residual stress and defects.

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Scorticati, Davide (2015) Thermal processing of thin films using ultra-short laser pulses: applied to photovoltaic materials.

Pohl, Ralph (2015) Laser-induced forward transfer of pure metals - Towards 3D printing.

Folkersma, Klaas Gerrit Pieter (2015) Laser forming for sub-micron adjustment: with application to optical fiber assembly.

Eichstädt, Justus (2015) The spatial emergence of laser-induced periodic surface structures under lateral displacement irradiation conditions.

Arnaldo del Cerro, Daniel (2014) Picosecond pulsed laser microstructuring of metals for microfluidics.

Skolski, Johann Zbigniew Pierre (2014) Modeling laser-induced periodic surface structures: an electromagnetic approach.

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