FocUs areas

The Chair of Laser Processing studies the fundamental physical phenomena occurring during laser-material interaction, in order to optimize laser-material processing for laser-based manufacturing. Focus areas include material processing ultra short pulsed laser sources for micro- and nano-machining, and high power lasers for lasercladding. Based on the knowledge gained, means and methods for monitoring/sensing and control of laser-material processing systems, are developed. Our research provides key enabling enabling technology for numerous new applications and innovative laser-based manufacturing.

Running projects

Project we are currently executing, include:

  • Laser4Fun: European ESRs Network On Short Pulsed Laser Micro/Nanostructuring Of Surfaces
  • SailPro: Safe and Amplified Industrial Laser Processing
  • Hi-LIFT: High-resolution deposition of high viscosity materials using Laser Induced Forward Transfer
  • Aim2XL:¬†Additive Manufacturing for Extra Large Metal Components
  • LiTeX:¬†Modelling and Processing for Laser Implantation Surface Texturing

Completed projects

Completed projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Laser4Rolls: Development of thick coatings on rods by laser cladding
  • Decorate: Fundamentals of high-throughput laser micro-texturing
  • 3DLIFT: Additive Manufacturing of 3D multi-material products using Laser-induced Forward Transfer
  • (Large Scale) Advanced Additive Manufacturing
  • CleanSky: Smart Fixed Wing
  • Ontwikkeling duurzame sublimatie productieketen
  • FAB2SM: Efficient and Precise 3D Integration of Heterogeneous Microsystems from Fabrication to Assembly
  • NanoClean: Optimisation and upscaling of selfcleaning surfaces for automotive sector by combining tailored machined injection tools and functional thermoplastic nanocompounds
  • ALISS: Advanced Laser Induced Subsurface Separation
  • TULP: Texturing Using Ultra-short Laser pulses
  • ADEM: Laser material interaction of Photovoltaic materials
  • UV-RGB: Integrated UV-RGB laser beam combiner