PhD thesis defence Marcel Gruendken

On Friday, August 27th 2021, Mr. Marcel Gruendken has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: `Low Molecular weight 'liquid' polymers in tire tread applications - plasticization, modification and influence on the silica dispersion'.

Short Summary

Tires are an essential part to the entire automotive system, developed and ultimately built to link the car with the road. Both, the chemical supplying and the tire industry are facing global changes. The most particular is to reduce CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency - which is where both industries met in their different ways of activities. REACH and the tire label regulations initiated a momentum of ongoing formulation developments in science and industry. This work address details about liquid polymer as a new chemical ingredient in tires. From present research and practical use - as a plasticizing and reinforcement-supporting material - to structure-property relationship and its interactions with fillers.