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Elastomer Technology and Engineering

Elastomer technology and engineering

The key topic of the chair of Elastomer Technology and Engineering (ETE) at the University of Twente is material development. Within this area, the main areas are 

  • filler technology;
  • natural rubber;
  • fibre reinforcing;
  • recycling.

Common ground of all projects within ETE is sustainability.


The mission of the Elastomer Technology and Engineering group (ETE) is to establish itself as a ‘chain of knowledge ’ in the field of elastomer technology, with a clear emphasis on research subjects at the forefront of new developments. The group serves as an academic training ground for students and scientists in the rubber world at large. The group aims at playing a key role in the academic and industrial world of elastomer technology and to be an obvious participant in new developments.

The elastomer world faces a series of important challenges for the future, of which the most important ones are:

  • The global need for energy savings, particular related to the energy consumption of tyres by their rolling resistance: about half of the net energy from automotive fuel consumption;
  • The need to find feasible recycling routes for elastomer articles, and tyres in particular;
  • Environmental and safety issues related to the use of various rubber ingredients in production as well as in use.

The ETE group aims to position itself explicitly in these fields.

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