Tire Technology Expo 2019

The Elastomer Technology and Engineering (ETE) group at University of Twente participated in the 2019 Tire Technology Expo held in Hannover, Germany, on 5th-7th March 2019.

Tire Technology Expo is one of the leading conferences and exhibitions geared towards current trends in tire industry. The Expo, visited by more than 5,600 visitors, was spread across three halls with 319 exhibitors. The conference had 180 speakers giving lectures on 12 separate streams related to tire design, development and manufacturing and was attended by 550 conference and workshop delegates. Presentation by Zuzanna Andrzejewska, Carmela Mangone and Akansha Rathi were the finalists for the young scientist prize and presentation by Zuzanna Andrzejewska was also one of the top 10 “Editor's Choice of best presentations for the TireTech!”

Members of the ETE group presented on:

Dr. Anke Blume, Professor

A new concept for an alternative silica/polymer coupling.

Dr. Wilma Dierkes, Associate Professor

Plasma deposition as an alternative to RFL treatment

Dr Wisut Kaewsakul, assistant professor

Micro- and macro-dispersion of silica-filled tire tread compounds

Zuzanna Andrzejewska, PDEng

Impact of compound formulation on tire performance

Carmela Mangone, PDEng

Conductive elastomers: parameters affecting their properties and conductivity

Akansha Rathi, PhD researcher

High-frequency testing for predicting WSR of tire tread compounds 

Indriasari, PhD researcher

Factors influencing heat generation of aircraft tire tread compounds

Chigusa Yamada, PhD researcher

Influence of functionalised S-SBRs on silica-filled rubber compound properties

Gina Butuc, PhD candidate

Increased hydrocarbon solvent resistance for EPM/EPDM-containing elastomer blends

Fabian Grunert, Postdoc

How to meet the future requirements of the automotive industry?