PDEng Thesis Defence Neven Marković

On Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, Mr. Neven Marković has successfully defended his PDEng thesis entitled 'Designing in-rubber properties by low molecular weight resins`.

Alongside rubbers and fillers various other ingredients are used in a rubber formulation of a tire tread. As a processing aids and softeners low molecular weight additives are employed. Resins are low molecular weight amorphous oligomers produced from the natural or synthetic monomers used to realize the plasticizing function. Beside this function with application of resins in-rubber properties of a tire tread formulation can be tailored. The final goal of the project is to design three different prototype compounds whereby one is 10% better on the rolling resistance, a second compound that is 10% improved in the wet grip and a third prototype compound with abrasion resistance reduced by 10%. Performance increases have to be made in comparison to a reference compound.