PDEng Thesis Defence Marzieh Salehi: 'Cum Laude'

On Thursday, July 20th, 2017, Mrs. Marzieh Salehi has successfully defended her PDEng thesis entitled 'LAT100, prediction of tire dry grip'.

For her PDEng thesis she received the distinction: 'cum laude'.

During the R&D phase, measurements on lab scale are necessary in order to evaluate new materials concerning their performance in tires. In addition, for tire developments extensive, time-consuming, and costly road tests are necessary. Up to now, there is no method and equipment in the lab scale available to measure dry grip with a satisfying correlation to road performance. Considering all influencing factors in dry grip measurement in one laboratory device is necessary to meet all the requirements for predicting the tire grip. Subsequently, it has remained intricate to acquire a strong correlation between road and laboratory results.