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Dr. Kannika Sahakaro received "Thailand Rubber Technologist Award 2016"

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On Wednesday, March 9th, Dr. Kannika Sahakaro received the "Thailand Rubber Technologist Award 2016" at the Global Rubber, Latex & Tire Expo (GRTE) 2016 and Global Rubber Research Fair (GRRF) 2016 in Bangkok.  The award was presented to her for her research on silica-reinforced natural rubber.  Main focus of this work is application in truck tire treads for reduction of the rolling resistance.

Since 2008, Dr. Sahakaro is also employed at the department of MS3  in the group of Elastomer Technology and Engineering (ETE). A few months every year, Dr. Sahakaro is working at the UT in a joint project between the University of Twente and Prince of Songkla University, sponsored by the Dutch Natural Rubber Foundation.

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