Batavieren race 2023 The DPM Runners are at it again!

At the end of April, 25 DPM Runners participated in the 2023 edition of the Batavieren race ( and ran from Nijmegen to Enschede (over 175 km!) in a relay race. Everyone gave their all and successfully completed all their runs (ranging from 3 km to 11 km) from 22h on Friday 28th April to 18h on Saturday 29th April, running through the night, morning and afternoon!

Everyone had fun and the last 2 runners donned dashing wedding costumes for the last stage, with a spectacular arrival at the UT track!

Of course, the DPM Runners’ Batavieren race wouldn’t be complete without a delicious BBQ in the Hangar to reward their efforts! After having filled their bellies, it was time for the runners to join the afterparty on the fields of the UT campus – one of Europe’s biggest student party!

After such a busy few days, a good night’s sleep concluded the DPM Runners’ 2023 Batavieren race!

This event could not have taken place without the support of the DPM Department! So the runners and organisers extend their many thanks to DPM!

Are you interested in participating in the Batavieren race as a runner or DPM organiser next year? Then get in touch with the current DPM Bata Board: Salomé Sanchez, Jan Lenssen, Ashrith Jain and Usama Ahmed.

Till next year!

DPM Bata Board