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Voluntary work: Education makes the difference!

Equity of opportunity in education: it's high on the political and social agenda. Teachers in schools in deprived areas feel that not all children have the same opportunities for the future. According to these teachers, background, and home situation majorly impact children's opportunities. For example, there is more unemployment and crime, and parents are more likely to be divorced, live in poverty, and live in social isolation. This affects their children's development, behavior, and future opportunities.

There are a number of deprived neighborhoods in Enschede. To see if the University of Twente can do something for the children in these neighborhoods, DPM ran a spin-off at the Acaciaplantsoen. The people living around the Acaciaplantsoen will likely not reach the university level. Therefore, a few DPM volunteers thought it could be interesting to bring the university to the area and introduce the children to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

The spin-off was a great success, and we are invited to support another time again.