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Submission deadline: 26 Februrary 04 March 18 March 2024 (AoE)
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Definition and scope

The FOIS conference is a meeting point for all researchers with an interest in formal ontology. Formal ontology is the systematic study of the types of entities and relations making up the domains of interest represented in modern information systems. The conference encourages submission of high quality, not previously published results on both theoretical issues and practical advancements. FOIS 2024 will have distinct tracks for foundational issues, ontology applications and methods, and domain ontologies.

FOIS aims to be a nexus of interdisciplinary research and communication for researchers from many domains engaging with formal ontology. Common application areas include conceptual modeling, database design, knowledge engineering and management, software engineering, organizational modeling, artificial intelligence, robotics, computational linguistics, the life sciences, bioinformatics and scientific research in general, geographic information science, information retrieval, library and information science, as well as the Semantic Web.

FOIS is the flagship conference of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA), a non-profit organization promoting interdisciplinary research and international collaboration in formal ontology.

Important dates

The submission deadline for workshops will be after the notifications to allow authors to submit a revised version of rejected papers to any of the conference workshops if the paper topics are appropriate for this workshop.


FOIS 2024 will consist of a virtual and a physical meeting: 

  1. An online part to be held from July 08 to 09, 2024 that offers an opportunity for presentation and discussion of papers that can not be presented at the physical meeting. 
  2. An in-person only meeting in Enschede, The Netherlands from July 15 to 19, 2024 that will be very much like a traditional conference with keynotes, regular talks, workshops and tutorials and plenty of social and networking opportunities. This part will not have a remote participation option, but we plan on recording selected talks (e.g. keynotes). 

To plan for this two-part event, authors must at the time of submission indicate their preference and constraints for presenting either on site in Enschede or virtually. Acceptance will be either for in-person presentation or for online presentation, at which time authors can no longer change the modality. Since the numbers of in-person and online presentations are limited, we encourage authors to be as flexible as possible to maximize your chance of paper acceptance. More details are provided in the presentation preferences section. 

Submission types

FOIS 2024 seeks three types of full-length (14 pages) high-quality papers on a wide range of topics:

Please refer to the submissions instructions for more details.

As usual, the FOIS proceedings will be published by IOS Press.

The conference will also offers other tracks in which you can publish and/or present your research. See our separate calls for workshopstutorials, ontologies, demonstrations, journal-first papers, and project exhibition papers

Topics of interest

Areas of particular interest to FOIS include the following:

Foundational Issues

Methodological issues


Domain-specific ontologies

Submission instructions

Paper format requirements

Reviewing process

Each paper will be assigned at least 3 reviewers. All reviews will be anonymous. 

Submission and Review Criteria for the Foundations Track

Submission and Review Criteria for the Applications and Methods Track

Submission and Review Criteria for the Domain Ontology Track

Conditional acceptance for All Tracks

Papers submitted to FOIS 2024 will be accepted after the evaluation of both the scientific quality and relevance, and the FAIRness of the related artifacts. The papers will first go through the evaluation of the scientific relevance and quality. The ones that pass this phase will then have the FAIRness of their related artifacts evaluated. If the papers accepted after the scientific evaluation are not FAIR enough (according to these guidelines), they will be conditionally accepted, pending the fulfillment of the FAIR requirements.

Presentation preferences

When submitting a paper, you must indicate your availability to present the paper in-person or online, choosing one of the following options:

  1. Only in-person (not willing or able to present online)
  2. Prefer in-person presentation but will present online if asked to do so
  3. No preference: will present either in-person or online
  4. Prefer online presentation but will present in-person if asked to do so
  5. Only online (not willing or able to present in-person)

Note that if you select any of (2)-(4), this will not have any impact on the acceptance decision as we reserve the right to assign papers with such preferences for in-person or online presentation at the discretion of the program chairs. These decisions will be final and presentation in the assigned format will be a condition for the publication of your paper.

However, while the quality of submissions is the foremost criteria for selection, if you choose option (1) or (5), this may negatively impact acceptance of papers that are deemed worthy of acceptance but for which no presentation slot in the selected format (in-person or online) is available. For this reason, choose this option only if you anticipate not being able to travel to Enschede or if you are unavailable for the duration of the online part.


Program Commitee Chairs