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Call for Ontology showcase

Submission deadline: 17 April 2024 27 April 2024
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Definition and scope

The Applied Ontology community has reached the point where an impressive variety of ontologies have been developed across a wide range of domains. For the most part, however, there has been a lack of coordination among these efforts and even a lack of awareness about the work that is being done by different groups within the community.

The Ontology Showcase at FOIS gives authors the opportunity to increase the impact of their work, get early feedback from the community on ongoing work, promote the sharing and the reuse of curated high-quality ontologies.

Location and format

Following the same format of the main conference, the FOIS 2024 ontology showcase will consist of both a virtual session (online only, to be held on 08-09 July 2024) and an onsite session (in-person only, to be held in Enschede on 15-19 July 2024). Upon submission, authors must indicate their preference and constraints concerning virtual or onsite presentation. Acceptance will be either for virtual or onsite presentation, at which time authors can no longer change the modality. 

We encourage the authors to submit their ontologies to the onsite session in Enschede, which will consist of a series of presentations of the accepted ontologies and an interactive panel discussion with authors and invited experts. Presentations that include live demos showing the ontology use in practical settings are most welcome. Authors that are unable to showcase their ontology in-person, may present their work remotely (if indicated during submission). 

The program committee will select the best ontology showcase submission to receive the "FOIS 2024 Best Ontology Showcase Paper" (see submission guidelines for overall evaluation criteria). 

Important dates

Differentiation from the main track

If an ontology is the result of a mature work and provides a solid scientific contribution in terms of, e.g., requirements, foundational issues, methodology, design choices, application or evaluation, then it is suitable to be submitted to the domain ontology track of the main conference as a full research paper (max 14 pages) that will be published by IOS Press.   

The ontology showcase is a practical track aimed at stimulating the community to share their ontologies, make them more visible and get (early) feedback, even if their development is still an ongoing or early work that does not provide a mature scientific contribution suitable to be submitted (yet) to the main track. The ontology showcase provides authors with the opportunity to describe their ontology in a short paper (4-9 pages) or a long paper (10-14 pages) that will be published as CEUR proceedings (together with the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO) and other events collocated with FOIS 2024). Live demos that show the use of the accepted ontologies in practical settings are most welcome during the conference (online and onsite).

Submission types

Ontology showcase submissions may take either of two forms:

Long papers provide more room for diagrams and explanations of the ontology concepts. If the ontology is already well documented elsewhere, authors can consider submitting a short paper that provides a link to the external documentation, limiting the ontology description in the paper to the essential concepts. In any case, both short and long papers must contain a description of the ontology, show the technical quality of the ontology and how other existing ontologies/ design patterns have been (or are planned to be) reused, clearly state the added value of the ontology compared to existing work, provide evidence of adoption by a community (academic, industrial) that is using it (or that potentially will benefit for it), and comply with FAIR guidelines, as we expect the ontology to be available in a public repository, be hosted at a persistent URI and include proper metadata. 

Submission guidelines

Submissions should provide an overview of the ontology and its application. In particular, submissions should address the following questions:

Submissions must:

Click here to submit your paper via EasyChair. Please select the track “Ontology Showcase”.

Authors of accepted papers are also encouraged to present a poster of their ontology during the conference. The poster (max format A0) should contain a compact description of the ontology, mention other ontologies/patterns being reused, highlight its purpose and added value, explicitly mention by which users/community is the ontology being used, who is its maintainer and provide the link to its publication page.

If the ontology is the result of a project (e.g., Horizon Europe or other research programs), authors of accepted papers are finally encouraged to make a related submission to the project exhibitions track where the broader context in which the ontology has been developed can be presented and made more visible.


Accepted papers will be published in a joint CEUR proceedings volume in the IAOA series, together with those of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO) and other events collocated with FOIS 2024.


At least one author of each accepted paper must register to FOIS 2024 at “presenter rate” according to the selected modality (in-presence or online). 



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