FOIS 2024Accepted papers

Accepted papers

Main track

The following papers were accepted at the main track of FOIS:

Ontological Analysis of Money
Riichiro Mizoguchi and Stefano Borgo 

Core-O: A Competence Reference Ontology for Professional and Learning Ecosystems
Rodrigo F. Calhau, João Paulo A. Almeida, Tiago P. Sales, Pedro Paulo F. Barcelos and Giancarlo Guizzardi 

Know Your Exceptions: Towards an Ontology of Exceptions in Knowledge Representation
Gabriele Sacco, Loris Bozzato and Oliver Kutz   

Interpreting Texts and Their Characters 
Emilio M. Sanfilippo, Claudio Masolo, Emanuele Bottazzi and Roberta Ferrario 

Unpacking the Semantics of Risk in Climate Change Discourses 
Greta Adamo, Anna Sperotto, Mattia Fumagalli, Alessandro Mosca, Tiago Prince Sales and Giancarlo Guizzardi 

Meaning Holism and Indeterminacy of Reference in Ontologies 
Adrien Barton, Paul Fabry and Jean-Francois Ethier 

Ontological Analysis of Malfunctions: Some Formal Considerations
Francesco Compagno and Stefano Borgo 

Towards Semantic Interoperability among Heterogeneous Cancer Image Data Models using a Layered Modular Hyperontology
Mirna El Ghosh, Varvara Kalokyri, Mélanie Sambres, Morgan Vaterkowski, Catherine Duclos, Xavier Tannier, Manolis Tsiknakis, Christel Daniel and Ferdinand Dhombres

Representing Energy in the Midlevel Energy Ontology (MENO)
Mirjam Stappel and Fabian Neuhaus

Large Language Models and Foundational Ontologies
Pawel Garbacz 

XMLPO: An Ontology for Explainable Machine Learning Pipeline
Donika Xhani, Joao Luiz Rebelo Moreira, Marten van Sinderen and Luis Ferreira Pires

A Textual Syntax and Toolset for Well-Founded Ontologies 
Matheus L. Coutinho, João Paulo Almeida, Tiago Prince Sales and Giancarlo Guizzardi 

Fiat Surfaces in Basic Formal Ontology
Michael Rabenberg and Werner Ceusters   

Ontology as Structure, Domain and Definition
Brandon Bennett and Giulia Sindoni 

Hanging Around: Cognitive Inspired Reasoning for Reactive Robotics
Mihai Pomarlan, Stefano De Giorgis, Rachel Ringe, Nikolaos Tsiogkas and Maria M. Hedblom   

OnNER: An Ontology for Semantic Representation of Named Entities in Scholarly Publications
Umayer Reza, Xuelian Zhang and Torsten Hahmann 

To Be More Concrete About Abstracta and Concreta
Fumiaki Toyoshima and Satoru Niki 

Full Traceability and Provenance for Knowledge Graphs
Henrik Dibowski 

The Common Core Ontologies
Mark Jensen, Giacomo De Colle, Sean Kindya, Cameron More, Alex Cox and John Beverley 

Journal-First Track

The Semantics of Extensive Quantities Within Geographic Information
Eric Top, Simon Scheider, Haiqi Xu, Enkhbold Nyamsuren and Niels Steenbergen 

Analytic Metaphysics Versus Naturalized Metaphysics: The Relevance of Applied Ontology
Baptiste Le Bihan and Adrien Barton

A Plea for Epistemic Ontologies
Gilles Kassel

Facts in the Machine: Systems of Record and the Performance of Sociotechnical Truth
Elliott Hauser 

GFO: The General Formal Ontology
Frank Loebe, Patryk Burek and Heinrich Herre 

Hybrid Collective Intentionality
Thomas Brouwer, Roberta Ferrario and Daniele Porello 

The Illusionary Goal of Automating Ontology Development -- with or without Large Language Models
Fabian Neuhaus and Janna Hastings 

From Slot Mereology To A Mereology Of Slots
Cédric Tarbouriech, Laure Vieu, Adrien Barton and Jean-François Éthier

Research and Industrial Project Exhibitions Track

Integrating Ontological Modelling, IoT and Humanoid Robotics for Motor Rehabilitation Systems
Stefano Borgo, Marco Di Felice, Gianluca Fasano, Claudio Masolo, Valeria Seidita, Giulia Spaletta, Fulvio Barbaro, Giusy Di Conza, Enrico Quarantini, Marco Quarantini and Roberto Toni  

Construction in the Formal Sciences
Øystein Linnebo  

PeTwin: An Ontology-Supported Data Access for Petroleum Production Digital Twin
Mara Abel, João Cesar Netto, Fabrício Rodrigues, Nicolau Santos, Rafael Petry and Haroldo Silva  

GeoCourseHub Ontology: Towards Lifelong Curriculum Management
Stanislav Ronzhin, Rob Lemmens and Roseidys Primera  

GeoReservoir Project – An Ontology-Driven Standard for Parametric Similarity Measurements of Deep-Marine Sedimentary Deposits
Joel Luis Carbonera, Mara Abel, Tiago Agne, Thais Almeida Empinotti, Luan Garcia and Alcides Lopes  

Ontology Showcase

A Domain Reference Ontology for Design Science Research Knowledge Bases
Jean Paul Sebastian Piest, Victor Benoiston Jales de Oliviera, Patricio de Alencar Silva and Manoel Ricardo da Cunha Junior 

The HIP Ontology: A Formal Framework to Support Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Shirly Stephen, Mark Schildhauer, Krzysztof Janowicz, Kitty Currier, Pascal Hitzler, Cogan Shimizu, Colby Fisher and Dean Rehberger 

(Meta)data for Official Governmental Information: The TOOI Ontology and Knowledge Graph
Jan Voskuil, Marc van Opijnen, Hans Overbeek, Theun Fleer and Wessel Schollmeijer

Business View Specification of Enterprise Information Systems Based on Core Domain Ontologies
Mariam Ben Hassen, Sahbi Zahaf and Faiez Gargouri 

BadmintONTO: A Badminton Domain Ontology
Huanyu Li and Patrick Lambrix 

Extending the Common Greenhouse Ontology with Incident Reporting from Autonomous Systems
Tim Eichhorn, Ghusen Chalan, Simon van Roozendaal, Jens Reil, Tim van Ee, Joao Moreira and Tiago Prince Sales 

Demonstrations Track

Rewriting SPARQL Queries using an Authorisation Ontology
Hans Schevers, Lexi Rowland, Sven Mol, Erwin Folmer, Janneke Michielsen and Marc van Andel 

Ontology Pattern Substitution: Toward Their Use for Domain Ontologies
William Leighton Dawson and C. Maria Keet 

Early Career Symposium

Future-proofing PhD funding for the VUCA world
Dana Malcova 

Navigating Digital Transformation and Decentralization in Digital Business Ecosystems
Isaac Da Silva Torres 

Understanding Quantities in Geo-Information in Terms of Amounts, Magnitudes, Extents, and Intents
Eric Top 

An Ontology-Based Framework to Provide Legal Interoperability Within International Data Spaces
Victor Oliveira 

CHAIKMAT 4.0 - Commonsense Knowledge and Hybrid Artificial Intelligence for Trusted Flexible Manufacturing
Muhammad Raza Naqvi 

Diversifying World Agriculture - A Common Framework for Crop Data Comparison
Agnes Aboagye 

Knowledge Formalization for 3D Geological Modeling
Imadeddine Laouici

Representing Cyberspace with the Basic Formal Ontology
Giacomo De Colle

Next Generation Cross-Sectoral Data Platform for the Agri-food Sector
Donika Xhani

Leveraging LLMs in Text-Based Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modeling
Matheus Lenke Coutinho