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Centre for Energy Innovation captured in a film

Energy is an important topic for the University of Twente. Therefore, the Centre for Energy Innovation (CEI) has recorded a video showing us what the UT is doing in the field of energy. The video gives us an insight into new developments, ongoing projects and displays the ambitions of CEI in the field of climate and the energy transition.

The Centre for Energy Innovation (CEI) of the University of Twente creates focus and a clear road for the realization of the energy transition. The ambition of CEI is to drive our researcher’s relevant knowledge and innovation power in the energy domain and connect it to partners in the outside world. With the 600+ researchers at the UT active in this field, the centre supports and focuses the energy transition through research, education and innovation.

Find out what the Centre for Energy Innovation is doing through their new video!

Want to know more about the Centre for Energy Innovation, take a look on the CEI-website!