The OEC is the Education Evaluation Committee (Dutch: Onderwijs Evaluatie Commissie) of the department of Computer Science at the faculty of EEMCS.

Together with other committees and bodies, we oversee the quality of education, mainly by organizing panel evaluations of modules followed by students of the different Bachelor and Master programmes within the department of Computer Science. Short URL for this page:

What does the OEC do?

The OEC its main task is overseeing the quality of education at the department of Computer Science of faculty EEMCS. This is done mainly through organizing module evaluation panels. By organizing these evaluations, the OEC wants to point out the positive, but also the less positive aspects of a module. For students, this has the advantage that they can actively engage in improving the quality of a module. For teachers, receiving clear feedback can be very useful in estimating the quality of his/her module or course.

Module evaluations are organized as panel discussions between students who have followed the module and - most often - teachers. The discussion is lead by a chairman from the OEC and all feedback is put in writing by an OEC secretary.

Evaluations almost always take place during the lunch break, most often during the module (when there are multiple evaluations for a module) or at the beginning of the quartile after the module has taken place. Evaluations for the fourth quartile are always planned at the end of the module due to the beginning of the summer vacation.

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Members & Contact

The committee currently consists of the following members:

  • Sven Mol (chairman)
  • Maarten Looijenga (secretary)
  • Niels de Groot
  • Wessel Ammerlaan
  • Leo Heyns
  • Maurits Hameter
  • Joyce van Baaren (advisory member)
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The OEC can be contacted by e-mail: