How do you rate Student Services?

Thank you for your interest in participating in this survey. As Student Services, we are curious to know what you think of us. Even if you have never heard of us before, we still want to ask you some questions!

How long will it take me to fill in this survey?
This survey consists of three parts: the general part that is required (about 5 minutes), an optional part with open questions where you can elaborate on your experiences (optional about 5 minutes), and several optional parts on specific subjects, such as visa, housing and registration (optional about 2 minutes each). You can thus tailor how much time you wish to spend on this survey and into what detail you wish to share your experiences. 

We value your privacy

What do we collect?
We are collecting all information you provide to us in this survey. If you share your identity, we could verify our service provision to you in the past. We will never create a digital connection between the survey results and your contact history. Additionally, due to legal and security reasons, we collect the data collection date and the courntry IP from which the survey results are shared with us.

Why do we collect this data?
We want to provide you with the best service provision possible. To do this, we need to know what you think of us and how you have experienced our service. When filling out this survey, you will help yourself and other students receive the best possible service!

How will we use your data?
By analysing the data we collected through this survey every quartile (every module), we can pinpoint where our service is up to improvement and we can then ensure that our service provision goes (and stays) up to par. If you make your identity known to us, we can even see how the feedback you provided is connected to the exact communication we had with you. With that help, we can make concrete improvements.

How long will we keep this data?
The individual results are stored for up to three months. At the end of each university module, we will combine the results into a dashboard, which we will store indefinitely. This ensures that we can identify trends in our service provision. Personally identifiable information (student number) will not be transferred to a dashboard and will thus always be deleted after one quartile.

How secure is this data and what are your rights?
The data you provide to us in this survey is stored very securely. At UT we comply to the European privacy law (GDPR). If you choose to share your identity, you receive some additional rights which you can invoke after submitting this survey. You have the right to access, view and edit your survey results. You also have the right to be forgotten, meaning we delete your student number or full survey results upon your request. Please note that you only receive these rights when you share your identity, else we have no means to identify which survey result is submitted by you. When filling out this survey, you have the right to quit at any point. Your answers thus far will be deleted and will not be shared with us.

Who to contact?
If you have questions regarding this survey or want to invoke your rights, please contact Student Services at If you have concerns regarding the GDPR compliance, please contact our Data Protection Officer at For more information, see

To improve our service provision, you would help us a lot if you share your identity. In that way, we at Student Services know exactly how we approached you in the past. We will not contact you about your feedback in any way. We will not store your feedback within our service system or create any digital link to it, meaning that the employees at Student Services will not know whether or not you filled in the survey.

To what group do you belong?

To serve you with relevant questions, we want to know some details about you.

Student Services

Student Services is located in the Contact Centre in building Boerderij. You can reach out to us with any question you may have. Apart from our service desk, we have many departments that help to get you enrolled at UT. Many of the emails you have received before the start of the academic year are also sent by us. But we don't blame you if you have not heard of us before this explanatory text, we would still very much like to hear your opinion!

On a scale of 1 to 7

Please indicate how much you agree to the statements below. Please use the following grading system:

1 - I very much disagree to the statement.
4 - I am neutral towards the statement.
7 - I very much agree to the statement.

Room for elaboration

If you wish to provide us any detailed feedback, now is your chance.

Within the Contact Centre several support services are performed. In this section, you may provide additional feedback on these services.

Admission and Registration


You indicated that you are a (Dutch) EEA student. That means you could study at UT without requiring a visa. 


You indicated that you are a non-EEA student. This means that you should have received a housing offer in your first year of studies. 

You indicated that you are a (Dutch) EEA student. This means that you had to look for a place to live.

Graduation and diploma

You indicated that you have not yet started a graduation cycle at UT. That means you have not yet received (enough) information to answer the questions within this category. 

UT Website

Please visit the website of Student Services before answering these questions.

Being an international student at UT

You indicated that you are a Dutch student. This part of the questionnaire is meant for our international students. 

Study choice

The Study Information Centre at UT answers all your questions about study choice and becoming a student of UT. You may have seen them at a study information session at your high school, or you may have had contact with them through telephone or chat.

Approachability of UT services

Several UT services, such as Career Centre and SACC, are exploring the possibility to host consultation hours in the Contact Centre.