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Working together on DE&I and social safety. Will you be there on 3 October?

The new academic year is already in full swing. And after last week's official kickoff, you might be wondering: where's the programme for UT’s third edition of Diversity Week? Not a crazy thought at all. This year, we've decided to channel all our energy into Diversity Day on Tuesday 3 October 2023. On that day, we'll dedicate extra attention to the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social safety in everything we do. But one day – or even a week like the past two years, emphasising these vital values at a single point in the year – isn't nearly enough. That's why, for instance in the course of 2024, we'll focus on DE&I and social safety again during our very first symposium. It's all about continuously inspiring us all to look beyond labels or boxes: how can we make diversity, equity, and inclusion our second nature? And what does that mean in practice for you, your fellow students, or your colleagues?

But for now, let's focus on Diversity Day, 3 October 2023. On this special day, whether you're a student or employee, you can participate in the workshop "Beyond the label: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as part of our core values." In this workshop, you'll gain insights into DE&I and how it impacts your studies, work, or life at the university or on campus. It's a valuable training that equips you with the knowledge and tools to actively engage with DE&I and social safety. The workshop will be led by trainer Nicole Kienhuis from 14:00 to 16:00 on campus. The exact location will be announced soon. Register now to secure your spot!

Come by and share your ideas

And there's more! Throughout the day, we encourage you to let us know what matters to you. What aspects of DE&I and social safety do you want the university to address or continue addressing? Or is there something else you believe contributes to fair opportunities, equality, and a sense of belonging? Simply let us know by placing a label with your wish on a designated spot on campus. The exact location will remain a surprise, but one thing is certain: you can't miss it on 3 October!

New Design for Diversity of Twente letters

On 3 October, we'll kick off the development of a new sign that turns the University of Twente letters into Diversity of Twente. Last year, heavy winds irreparably damaged the sign we used for this purpose. The Responsible Futuring Crew at DesignLab is taking on this project and will be initiating and guiding its early development stages. How do we create a sign that aligns with our goals and our vision of a just, equitable, and inclusive future? A future where, just like now, but increasingly or in a more effective way, we continue to recognise that everyone is unique and that our campus is a place where everyone wants to live, learn, and work safely – both as individuals and as part of a community. Where everyone feels like they belong, in a way that's comfortable for you and for the people – and the world – around you. This creative and inspiring session will take place in DesignLab, room INSPIRE, from 10.00 to 12.00 (walk-in from 9.30). Do you want to join us? Then fill out this short registration form.

So, mark your calendar for 3 October for a day of awareness and action on diversity, equity, inclusion, and social safety at the university and on campus. We can't wait to celebrate Diversity Day with you!

In this recent news article, you can read more about how UT work towards DE&I as a natural course of action and shared responsibility, and how that plays out in practice. Do you have a question? Please reach out to UT’s DE&I Team by sending an e-mail.

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