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O&O square will become a more pleasant place to meet and to work

No bicycle parking on the square, but more parking spaces around the O&O area

As of the introduction period for new students, the Kick In, the O&O square on the UT campus will then be free of parked bicycles. This was recently decided by the Executive Board.

The intention is to create a pleasant meeting place with room to work and study on the square. In the ovals, which are still used as bicycle parking, there will soon be nice outdoor workplaces. The design of this is still being worked on. Since it will soon no longer be possible to park bicycles on the O&O square, extra parking spaces will be realized around the O&O square, with an expansion from 2,700 to 3,350 spaces. By making the square free of parked bicycles, the area will also become safer, the entrances to buildings will be more accessible for emergency services and the parking lot for people with disabilities will be more accessible.

The plan for the new bicycle parking facilities outside the O&O square will soon bring us 954 places at the rear of Hall B, 645 places in the small parking lot next to Citadel along the Zul and on the south side of the High Pressure Lab space for 350 bicycles.

We will soon start on converting the small car park next to the Citadel along the Zul into a bike park. This means that, with the exception of three permit spots, cars can no longer be parked there.

The bicycle parking facilities between Ravelijn and Zilverling will be retained with 114 spaces, as well as the parking basement under Hall B, with space for 204 bicycles and the parking areas near Technohal.
The parking lot next to the entrance to the Notebook Service Center in the Citadel will also be reserved for short-term bicycle parking and for customers of the Notebook Service Center.

With good communication, signage and the use of bicycle stewarts at the start of the new academic year, we hope to guide students and employees towards the new bicycle parking spaces. To ensure that no bicycles are parked on the square itself, a round will be made once or twice a week to remove wrongly parked bicycles. The owner can then pick this up himself at Security at the entrance of the campus.

The image shows where the new parking spaces for bicycles will soon be located.

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