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Election procedure for the EEMCS Faculty Council 2023

In the coming weeks the election procedure for student members of the EEMCS faculty council will be held for the term September 2023 - August 2024.

The electoral register was determined by the faculty’s election committee using the reference date of March 14 2023 and contains students registered at EEMCS. The registers are available for inspection and improvements until Monday 4 April. Please send an email to the election committee, polling-eems-at-utwente.nl for inspection.

Nomination Day (art. 13 Regulations) is scheduled on Tuesday, April 18 (till 5.00 p.m.).

For the nomination please send in a (joint) candidate list together with the statement of consent for each candidate on the list and let 5 endorsers support your nominee list.

The EEMCS-council has 8 positions for both sections, employees and students.

Time schedule (pdf) for the elections.