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Students Google e-mail transferred to Microsoft 365

Dear student, 

On February 7, 2022, the UT student mailboxes were activated in Microsoft 365. From that moment on, all emails sent to your @student.utwente.nl address will be delivered to your Microsoft 365 mailbox. You can now access your email via https://outlook.office.com or you can set up your email program for Microsoft 365.

Emails received before February 7, 2022, will remain available in your Google mailbox. Please backup your email or move the email to Microsoft 365. Of course, this also applies to other items and files that you have stored in Google Workspace.

For current students, the Google Workspace, with all the services, is still available. Content will not be destroyed. This means that services such as your Google Drive will still be available.

New students will receive a Microsoft account instead of a Google account.

Click here for all Microsoft 365 manuals.

We can imagine that you still have questions or need help. An FAQ is available with the most frequently asked questions. In addition, a special student helpdesk has been opened to help you. Please contact the student helpdesk, via 053 489 5588 or email: studentdesk-ict@utwente.nl.