Do you feel at home at UT?

As you probably know, inclusion - feeling seen, heard and respected - is an important priority of our university. For this reason , the SEG Inclusion is organising a series of round tables so that you can share your story. Do you - as an employee or student - feel at home at UT? When do you experience a sense of belonging and a feeling of being seen, heard and recognised for both who you are and what you do? The SEG Inclusion is interested in your story, your experiences and your perspectives. Because together, we can make an impact and build connections.

The importance of sharing stories

The round table discussions start at the beginning of December and will revolve around all aspects of belonging. During these conversations, we will pay particular attention to three topics:

  • Sexual orientation, Gender identity and Gender expression,
  • Ethnicity, Race and Religion
  • Covid-19-related¬†exclusion and discrimination

We encourage everyone to participate, no matter in what role or position you are affiliated with UT. You can share your story in a safe environment, with skilled moderators who have experience or a strong affinity with the respective topics. Every story you share will be treated and processed anonymously and confidentially.

Registration and more information

Would you like to register for a session in December, January or February? Please fill out the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you wish to participate in several sessions, for instance because you are interested in both topics, this is possible. Just sign up for more than one session. Looking for more information? Have a look at the SEG Inclusion website or contact us via 

Round table discussions and coronavirus-related measures

These round table discussions are held on campus, as this allows us to create a truly safe space for each other. The number of participants in each round table discussion is limited to eight (two moderators included) and we ensure that we comply with all Covid19 measures in force at the time the sessions take place.