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Update of UT website layout in December/January

In the course of December/January, the various sub-websites within utwente.nl/*** will be provided with a new website layout. The UT will not receive a completely new template; it is a major update of the current layout that had been launched in 2016. For the website editors, all functionalities continue to work the same way

Why this change?

The Marketing & Communication web team regularly conducts surveys among website users and analyzes the behaviour of website visitors on the site. Certain points for improvement have emerged from this. A number of improvements, such as clear names for menu items, fewer pages or clear names of links, have to be solved by the website editors in de various UT departments. Many small changes have been made in recent years, with at least one template update every month. However, we believe that some points discovered during the usability research can only be structurally improved with a more drastic template adjustment.

More information: details list of changes on www.utwente.nl/mc