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Requesting documents and statements

It is also possible to request statements and have documents filled out digitally

You can send your request by email to studentservices@utwente.nl.

Authorise a third party to pick up documents

If you are not able to collect documents yourself in person, there is a possibility to authorise a third party to collect the documents at Student Services Contact Centre, using this authorization form

Please submit the following documents during your visit:
- completed and signed authorization form (signed by you and the third party);
- copy of your passport/ID;
- copy of the passport/ID of the third party.


  • Declaration of enrolment

    Please note that you can download a Proof of Enrolment yourself from your Osiris Student account. This document has already been signed by the head of our department. 

    On the home page of your Osiris account ‘Personal Details’ you can click on ‘status registration for degree programme’. A new page is opened. After selecting ‘declaration of enrolment’ your declaration of enrolment will be downloaded.

    If this document does not contain all the information you require, please contact Student Services by email. You can think of the following additions and mention this in your request:

    • for military purposes;
    • language of instruction;
    • with or without tuition fee mentioned;
    • English or Dutch language.

    Please note that as an Exchange-, Subsidiary-, or 'Kies Op Maat' (KOM) student you cannot download a declaration of enrolment yourself. Please contact Student Services for your request.

  • Certificate of de-enrolment (de-registration)

    Some authorities require you to present a proof that you are no longer registered at our university. Depending on the authority or company, such a proof is called 'certificate of de-enrolment', 'proof of de-registration' or declaration of de-enrolment'. 

    You can request such a statement through studentservices@utwente.nl.

  • Transcript of records

    You can request a certified copy of your transcript of records at Student Service. 

    Please send an email to studentservices@utwente.nl with your request. Indicate your choice:

    • digital version, received by email as PDF;
    • hard copy, received by postal mail: please provide a valid correspondence address;
    • or visit our service desk. 
  • Statement on language of instruction

    You might need a statement for admission to another university regarding the language of instruction and examination. You can request this statement by sending an email to Student Services.

    E.g.: "The language of instruction and examination used in the Master’s/ Bachelor's programme is English."

  • Exchange: arrival and departure statement

    If you need a signature/confirmation on your arrival or departure form for your Exchange/Erasmus program, please visit our service desk. 

  • Change study course

    If you decide, in the course of the academic year, to transfer to another programme within the University of Twente or want to add a second programme, you can use the form ‘enrolment request for a second programme at the University of Twente’. You need the approval of both of the study advisers before handing in the document. 

    Please hand in the original form at the desk of the Student Services or send it as an attachment to studentservices@utwente.nl. This process can take up to two weeks. 


  • Proof of paid tuition fee (BBC)

    If you are already enrolled as a student at the University of Twente, you can get, under certain conditions, an exemption or reduction of tuition fees for your enrolment at another university or institution (e.g. registration as a subsidiary student). 

    You can request this Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld (BBC) by contacting our service desk. We will send the certificate directly and digitally to the other university or institute. Clearly indicate the receiving university in your request. 

  • Invoice for tuition fee payment

    For scholarship or other funding purposes, you might need to present an invoice, stating the amount of your tuition fee. This invoice statement can be requested by contacting our service desk and will be issued digitally. 

    This invoice might be requested by a third party like a bank (for a loan application) or scholarship provider. 

  • Payment modification

    Changing bank account details

    When you want to change your bank account number, please download and fill out the Payment modification form on this webpage. You can hand it in at our Student Services desk or send a digital copy as an attachment to studentservices@utwente.nl. 

  • DUO: tuition fee statement (institutional tuition fee)

    Do you apply for student finance, and you have to pay a higher tuition fee than the legal tuition fee (statutory tuition fee)? Then DUO needs proof which shows the amount of tuition fees you pay. 

    Student Services can complete the specific form for you. Please complete as much personal details yourself, before handing over the document to Student Services. 

    You should upload the form in My Duo (Mijn DUO). If that is not possible, it should be e-mailed to documenten@duo.nl.

  • Notebook Project: interest free loan

    Once you have decided to take up a loan with the University of Twente to buy your Notebook, one of the conditions to be considered for the loan is that you have already enrolled with the University of Twente and that your application has been processed by the Student Services Contact Centre.

    Are you a current student? Then also download this form: Download Form

    The first part of the form needs to be completed by Student Services, and needs to be signed by the student at the bottom. You can visit us at our service desk, or email the document to studentservices@utwente.nl. 


  • Graduation statement

    If you need to prove to a third party that you've graduated in the time between your graduation application and the actual receipt of your diploma certificate, you require a proof of graduation statement. You can request this document when your graduation date is processed and visible in OSIRIS. You can check this on your study progress overview. Your status will be changed into 'graduated'. 

  • Certified copy of diploma

    You can request a certified copy of your original diploma. This can be done either in person at our service desk, or by sending an email to studentservices@utwente.nl. 

    Hard copy:
    - bring the original diploma + supplement;
    - bring an ordinary copy of the diploma + supplement;
    - bring your passport/ID or student card.

    Digital copy:
    - send a good quality scan of the original signed diploma + supplement to our email address;
    - include a copy of your passport/ID as well.

  • IND: Statement of completion study (Search Year)

    International students are allowed to spend a period of up to twelve months in the Netherlands ( ‘zoekjaar’ or ‘orientation year’) to find a job as a highly skilled migrant ('kennismigrant') after graduation. To apply for a orientation year, please visit the website of the IND.

    If you have not yet received your diploma, you will receive a 'statement of completion' form from the IND, which serves as a substitute for your diploma in your Search Year visa application. 

    This form can be completed and signed by Student Services, you can send the document digitally to our email address, or bring the form to our service desk. 

    We can only complete the form once your graduation is officially processed in Osiris. 

  • Diploma lost

    You have lost your diploma. A diploma is issued only once, so if it is no longer in your possession, we cannot make a new diploma. It is however possible to receive a statement that you have obtained your diploma.

    You can download a digital copy of your diploma at the DUO Diploma Database

    You can request an official graduation statement at Student Services. 


  • BAföG application

    You can request a 'certificate of enrolment' for the German BAföG application at Student Services. On this document it is also stated that you cannot receive any discount on your tuition fee payment. 

  • BAföG study progress

    Formblatt 5, can be requested at Student Services. Please complete as much as you can of this form yourself. Your study progress will be verified in Osiris and completed on the form accordingly. 

    You can already fill in the following information:
    - Personal details;
    - University address;
    - Study program;

  • Registration forms third parties

    Student Services can also complete certain forms that are required by third parties regarding your current registration at our university.

    For example your insurance company, pension, etc.

    We kindly ask you to complete the document as much as possible yourself, before handing it over to Student Services.