Gabriela's story

Hello, my name is Gabriela. I’m a master student Applied Mathematics in Twente and I come from Indonesia. After finishing my bachelor degree in Indonesia, I became a mathematics teacher in an international school in Jakarta for about six years. The contemporary world, however, demands that we always apprise our skills and knowledge. So, after immersing myself in the workforce for a while, I decided it was time to ‘go back to school’, as a student.

Twente: problem-solvers of the world

The Netherlands followed as an obvious choice, not only for the quality education, but also for all other appeals it has to offer. Out of all universities in the Netherlands, I chose University of Twente firstly, because it is an entrepreneurial research university that approaches new technology not in isolation but “in relation to behavioural, social, and management sciences, combining high tech with human touch”. This interdisciplinary approach, which promises to produce problem-solvers of the future, was the sort of thing I was looking for. The connections as well as the entrepreneurial nature of the university will allow me to explore more choices for my future career. I applied for the Applied Mathematics program, since it is my main passion.

“A chance to go back to school”

Autonomy on the campus

Despite the inevitable challenges I encounter day in and day out, I cannot be happier with my decision. As a research university, University of Twente is academically rigorous and demanding. Life as a master student here involves an enormous amount of self-study and independent explorations; we are, after all, architects of our own paths. However, there are plenty of assistances offered, so we are not left to deal with the challenges alone. Moreover, the tough but nurturing learning environment of the university will provide excellent transition for an even tougher work environment later on. My most favourite part about studying in the University of Twente so far, is the autonomy to assemble my own program with guidance from various advisers. The close second is the campus: it is beautiful! Riding my bike around the campus is among the activities I enjoy most. It is the main thing that makes the cold of the temperate climate redeemable for this tropical girl!

Orange Tulip Scholarship

It would have been impossible for me to study here, however, had I not been granted a scholarship. Opportunely, through the Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) scheme, I was able to get a funding that covers the tuition fee and still have a generous amount left for the living cost. The process of applying to the scholarship was not hard, as the procedures were laid out clearly for me to follow. The main thing was to ensure that I apply early to my master program, since admission to the university is the first requirement upon applying for the scholarship. After that, there was a two-page form to fill and submit together with the admission letter. I understand that the procedure differed slightly from country to country, but I am sure it was all standard for scholarship application. The keys were to understand the requirements, note the deadline, and intentionally take the chance to submit the application.

Explore the website

For prospective students, I would advise to first explore the website of the university. You will find all sort of information you need: application process, the wide variety of scholarship schemes offered, the details of each programs, and guidance for living in Enschede.

Deciding to pursue further education remains a testing thing to do, regardless of one’s personal circumstance. I have found, however, that choosing University of Twente, aided with Orange Tulip Scholarship works for me. It might very well work for you, too. Good luck!