The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan / LPDP) finances higher education in Master’s and PhD programmes at the University of Twente. The scholarship aims to support the supply of educated and qualified Indonesian human resources who also possess leadership quality and a strong vision as the future leader of Indonesia. The applicants targeted for the programme are Indonesian citizens with excellent academic achievement and strong leadership quality who wish to continue pursuing studies on Master’s and PhD programmes at the University of Twente, be it in similar or different fields than ones they had previously studied. The University of Twente is listed as one of the top 200 eligible and preferred LPDP foreign partner institutions.

Scholarship value

  • Tuition fees (at cost)
  • Financing of books, thesis/dissertation, seminar, publications
  • Transportation fees from the region of origin to the target university and back (once for each trip, at cost)
  • Health insurance (package)
  • Visa (at cost)
  • Living allowance (package)
  • Family support (package, only for PhD students)
  • Settlement allowance (package)
  • Emergencies/force majeure agreed upon by LPDP

Country of Origin


Level of study


Qualifying Master programmes