Use the minor tool of options to see which minors you are allowed to take

The UT offers minors during the second semester, for students who couldn't take minors during the first semester. Be aware that we offer a lot less minors during second semester compaired to the first semester. 

In the minor tool of options you can see the minors that will be offered during second semester (this can still change, but will be up to date during the first week of November). By selecting your study programme, you can see the minors you're allowed to take. Make sure you've already obtained the (if applicable) assumed previous knowledge, which can be found in the course information (click on the name of the minor in the tool of options).

The minors that we offer during 2020-2021 are shown in the tool of options. It could be that some minors will still change their accessibility. During the first week of November, the accessibility will be up to date.

Registration period second semester

The minors of the second semester are open for registration from November 30 up to and including January 11. You'll need to register for the minor in Osiris. Registration for a minor via Osiris can only be done during the minor registration period. There's no need to register for the corresponding module, this will be taken care of for you. If you don't know how to register for a minor, here you'll find out how.

Make sure to register in time, because several minors will have a maximum number of participants. If a maximum is reached, you won't be able to register anymore!


Always read the course information (click on the name of the minor in the tool of options). Please pay special attention to possible additional requirements (assumed previous knowledge). Check also whether the minor is held in the (for you) suitable language.

In some cases there might by overlap in Mathematics. Check the tool of options and the course information. If this is the case, make sure everything is arranged in advance! Look here for more information.