How to register for a minor?

Use the minor tool of options to see which minors you are allowed to take

Registration for a minor is required for UT students.

Registration period first semester minors 2024-2025:
25 March (1 PM) till 31 May.
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Register for the minor, not the modulecode(s)

You must register for a minor during the registration period, in OSIRIS. The registration for the minor also ensures automatic registration for the corresponding modulecode(s). So you do not have to register separately for the corresponding modulecode(s)! Please note that this does not apply to transfer minors and exchange minors. For these, other procedures apply.

For the minors of the first quartile (1A), you will be enrolled by approximately mid-August. For the second quartile (1B) this will be about two weeks before the minor starts. After the module is registered, you will be granted access to the Canvas course site. 

Register for minors during the registration period using OSIRIS. Use the name of the minor or the minor code

Registration is based on the First Come First Serve principle. If a minor is full, you can no longer register for it.

You can register in OSIRIS for a maximum of 30 EC for minors, which means two minors of 15 EC. After the registration period, the Educational Affairs Office will check whether you meet any EC requirements set by your programme. If you meet the requirement, your minor will be approved and you can participate in the minor. If your minor is rejected, you cannot participate. If this is the case please contact your study advisor for more information/advice.

Some minors show in the tool of options 'BOZ applies for you' and or Registration using Osiris 'No. This does not apply to the minors themselves, but to the module code. So you need to register for the minor. Exceptions are Going Dutch, Crossing Borders, the student teams minors (15 and 30 EC), transfer minors and exchange minors.

How can I register for a minor?

To register for a minor through OSIRIS one should follow the following procedure:

Provisional registration

Unless you receive the message that you do not meet the entry requirements, you have been successfully enrolled administratively for the minor you've selected and will receive a confirmation e-mail. Administrative registration does not guarantee participation in the minor(s); it still needs to be checked by the Educational Affairs Office if you meet the entry requirements (usually an EC requirement) of your study programme. You can find if your minor has been approved or rejected in the Study progress review tab. The time at which this happens depends on the reference date set by your study programme for checking the admissibility for minors. If you do not meet this requirement, your registration will be rejected. You will not be allowed to participate in the minor. For more information/advice it is best to contact your study advisor.

If you want to know for sure whether you meet the EC requirement, look in the programme-specific part of the EER of your programme or ask your study advisor. Often it is also mentioned under a specific item on the website of your programme.

Possible additional requirements

Additional conditions apply to a number of minors. If you are not allowed to take a certain minor that you would like to do, please contact your programme coordinator to discuss your options. In the minor tool of options, you can see which, after selecting your programme, UT minors you can take. Apart from the fact that you are allowed to do so, there are often requirements you have to meet. It is your own responsibility to meet these requirements. You can find the requirements in the description of the minor.

First semester

Registration for minors of the first semester (block 1A and 1B) of the academic year 2024-2025 will be possible from March 25, 2024 (from 13.00h / 1 PM) till May 31. Be on time, minors can fill up quickly! Please note that the minor Leren Lesgeven always closes earlier. Also for Crossing Borders you need to submit your motivation letter to the minor team by an earlier deadline.

Be aware: first come, first serve!

Most minors have a maximum number of participants. So here the rule is: full is full! You can no longer register once the maximum number of participants has been reached. For some minors this applies quite early in the registration period, so make sure to register in time! Has your preferred minor already reached the maximum? Send an email to, to be placed on a waiting list. You may be on the waiting list for 2 minors per block, so send a top 2 per block. Make sure you have a back up plan. Don't forget that besides registering for a minor in block 1A, you also have to register for a minor in block 1B during the registration period.


You cannot register for the following minors in OSIRIS:

The minor 'Leren Lesgeven' has a participation restriction, in case of oversubscription an intake procedure will take place. You can register for 30 EC of minors, so in principle for 2 minors of 15 EC. If you choose the 30 EC version of Leren Lesgeven, the 30 EV version of Student Teams minor or the minor Intelligence, Creativity and Responsible Technological Innovation in Societal Transformations or Sport Science, you can only register for that minor.

How can I deregister for a minor?

If you made a mistake when registering for a minor through OSIRIS, or wish to alter your choice during the registration period, please follow the subsequent procedure.

You have now been deregistered and will receive a confirmation e-mail. You can now enrol for a different minor.
Want to deregister, but the registration period is over? send an e-mail to