Use the minor tool of options to see which minors you are allowed to take

Registration for a minor is mandatory for UT students and is only possible during the period described on this website through OSIRIS-student. Application for minors will be on a First Come First Serve base. When a minor is full, you can no longer register yourself for that minor.

An UT student can register for a maximum of 30 ECTS in OSIRIS, this is equivalent to 2 minors of 15 ECTS each. 

After the registration period, your Bureau of Educational Affairs will check if you meet the (if applicable) ECTS requirement set by your study programme. If you meet the requirement, your minor will be approved. The result of the check will be visible on your study progress overview in Osiris. If you don't meet the requirements, you will receive an e-mail from the Bureau of Educational Affairs. For questions, contact your study adviser.

There’s no need to register for the corresponding module. You will automatically be registered for the module a few weeks before the minor starts. This does not apply for the Exchange minor and Transfer minor.

For minors of the first quartile, registration for the corresponding module will be around the first of August. For the second quartile this will be around the start of the regular registration period. After the module is registered, you will be granted access to the Canvas course site. 

First semester

Registration for a minor of the first semester of 2020-2021 (quartile 1A and 1B) will be possible from March 25 (from 9AM) up to and including May 27.

Questions? Send an email to

Be aware: first come, first serve!

A lot of our minors have limited places. This means, if the maximum has been reached, you won’t be able to register anymore during the registration period. The minors with a maximum of participants are (this list is still changing till the registration period, keep an eye on this website):

  • Aircraft Engineering
  • BioRobotics
  • Creating Biological Tissues
  • Crossing Borders
  • Cybersecurity & Cybercrime
  • Damage Control
  • Educative Minor (Dutch minor: Leren Lesgeven)
  • Earth Observation
  • Electric Circuits
  • Facilitating Technological Change
  • Finance for Engineers
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Going Viral
  • Governance of Innovation and Socio-Technical change
  • Health Economics and Accounting
  • Health Psychology & Applied Technology
  • Human Factors and Engineering Psychology
  • Industry 4.0 with Human Touch
  • Innovations in Sustainable Chain Management: Analysis
  • Innovations in Sustainable Chain Management: Design
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Interactive Media
  • Lab on a Chip
  • Materials for the Design of the Future
  • New Media
  • Psychology in Learning & Instruction
  • Psychology of Safety
  • Public Governance across Countries
  • Public Management
  • Science to Society: From Idea to Prototype
  • Science to Society: From Prototype to Society
  • Serious Gaming
  • Smart Cities - Multifunctional Flood Defences
  • Smart Environments
  • Smart Technology
  • Smart Ways to get Smart Cities Smarter
  • Soft and Biological Physics
  • The Privacy Paradox
  • Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems
  • We Create Identity
  • Professional Learning in Organisations

Make sure to register during the minor registration period. Once you've made up your mind, register as soon as possible to make sure you can participate in the minor(s) of your choice (this doesn't apply for Leren Lesgeven and Crossing Borders, due to a intake procedure). Don't forget to register for period 1A and 1B during the registration period.

Minor reached its max! What to do?

The minor registration period for the first semester of 2020-2021 has passed. If you've missed the deadline, it's likely that you will not be able to do the minor of your preference anymore. A lot of our minors have reached the maximum number of participants and won't be able to take on extra students.

If you still need to be registered for minors, contact and to inform about the possibilities. Several minors are keeping waiting lists.

Second semester

During the second semester it’s also possible to take minors. Registration is also in OSIRIS and will open around the beginning of December. We offer a smaller selection of minors during second semester.


It’s not possible to register in OSIRIS for the following minors:

  • Crossing Borders - Enrolment takes place through the procedures described on the Canvas website Crossing Borders 2020-21. As part of this, students are required to write a Letter of Motivation, on basis of which students are selected.
  • Minor abroad – to take a minor abroad there’s a procedure to be followed. Eventually your study programme will make sure you get registered for a so called exchange minor.
  • Minor at another educational institute – if your minor is approved, your study programme will make sure you get registered for a so called exchange minor.
  • Transfer minor – more information can be retrieved from your own study programme and the programme you want to transfer to.

Every student can register for 30 EC of minors, which is in principle 2 minors of 15 EC each. If you opt for the 30 EC version of learning to educate it is only possible to register for this minor.

If you have already registered for 30 EC of minors and would like to follow an additional minor still, please contact the central coordinator Major-minor.  

If you are still experiencing problems with registration after consulting this website, the website of your study programme and your peers, please send a mail to