in-depth minors

Please note: you have to register in the minor system and in Osiris (for the module) before the beginning of the quartile

UT students have the opportunity to follow an in-depth minor. In-depth minors are modules that offer the possibility of deepening your knowledge on a specific subject area. In-depth minors differ from join-in minors because they are no part of a regular study programme. In principle it is possible to participate in an in-depth minor of your own study programme.

All in-depth minors are listed below per faculty. Consult the matrix of options in-depth minors first semester to see which in-depth minor you can follow. 

The information about the in-depth minors is not perfect yet and is subject to change. Our advice is to visit this website regularly so that you are always up-to-date. Keep the disclaimer in mind.

Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS)

Health Psychology and Applied Technology - M9 - English - PSY

Psychology of Learning and Instruction - M9 - English - PSY

Psychology of Safety - M9 - English - PSY

Human Factors and Engineering Psychology - M10 - English - PSY

Psychische Gezondheid - M10 - Dutch - PSY

High Tech Talent Management in a Global Context  - M10 - English - IBA / IEM

Study Tour IBA/IEM - M10 - English - IBA / IEM

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship - M9 - English - IBA 

Engineering Technology (ET)
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)

Lab on a Chip - M10 - English - EE / AT / BT / CrT

Serious Gaming - M9 - English - BIT / CSc

Web Science - M10 - English - BIT / CSc / CrT / AM

Cyber-Physical Systems - M10 - English - EE / CSc 

Electrical Engineering participation in a large multidisciplinary project - M9 or M10 - English - EE

Smart Spaces - M9 - English - CSc / CrT 

New Media - M5 - English - CrT

Smart Technology - M5 - English - CrT

Science and Technology (ST)

Soft and Biological Physics - M9 - English - AP

Capita Selecta Applied Physics - M10 - English - AP

Science - M9 - English - AT / CHE

Imaging & Diagnostics - M10 - Dutch/English - BT