Podcast Impact Stories

 Learn how to contribute to today's challenges

In this podcast, our students and professors from various scientific disciplines TALK ABOUT JOINING FORCES In order to contribute to today's challenges.

All of our education and research is aimed at creating a healthier, smarter, and more sustainable world by making wise use of science, technology, and teamwork. In this series, you will learn more about the research and studies we offer that are of great value to today's society. 

Listen to the real stories of our own people and the contribution they have made.

Impact stories - the podcast

'Diameter', the smart buddy

Episode 1 - In order to stay healthy, diabetes patients need to constantly make sure that their blood sugar levels stay low and stable. To better assist them in maintaining their glucose levels, our researchers and students from the Master's in Health Sciences, Computer Science, and Psychology developed the special support system 'Diameter'.