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In this podcast, various alumni share their journey from being a student to becoming a professional

51.000 inspiring alumni of the University of Twente (UT) live all over the world. That is the alumni network of UT. All of these former students are working on high-impact projects at fascinating organisations. You can listen to their stories about the impact their studies and other decisions that influenced their careers.

I AM A PRO - the podcast

Jair became a cyber security specialist after completing a PhD in Computer Science

Episode 6 - Working as a Cloud Security Lead at digital security company Northwave ánd as an assistant professor at the University of Twente, Jair Santanna is combining the best of both worlds. He’s connecting industry and academia. “I’m working in the industry while I try to solve societal, industry-based problems with my research.” Listen to Jair’s journey from doing a PhD in Computer Science to becoming the professional he is today.

Gustavo studied the Master’s in Public Administration

Episode 5 - After working for the United Nations in Brazil, Gustavo de Souza realised that he wanted to learn more about international cooperation. He moved to Twente to follow the Master’s in Public Administration at UT. Listen to Gustavo’s interesting journey that led him from Santa Catarina, Brazil, to Twente to eventually the international court in The Hague.

Rana studied the Master’s in Communication Science

Episode 4 - As a marketing specialist at 3D-printing company Ultimaker, Rana Taquini knows that marketing communication is more than ‘rainbows and unicorns and feelings’, to put it in her own words. “Marketing communication is becoming highly data-driven. You won’t see any company operating without data.” She still benefits from her decision to study Communication Science at a technical university like the University of Twente.

Izabella studied the Master's in Chemical Engineering

Episode 3 - Graduated in Food Engineering in Brazil, Izabella Bouhid decided to continue her studies with a Master’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. She realised she loved combining membrane engineering with food engineering so much, she wanted to continue doing research researching in this field. The only problem was: there was no research group that combined these two fields no research group combined these two fields. At least, not yet.  

Dilu studied the Master's in Nanotechnology

Episode 2 - Screening diseases such as cancer without using slow, invasive, and expensive methods such as MRI-, CT- or PET-scans, but instead with just a single drop of blood? Thanks to Nanotechnology-alumnus Dilu Mathew, this can be the future. His invention in UT’s NanoLab grew into the promising start-up ECSens, of which Dilu is now Chief Executive Officer.

Sophie studied the Master’s in Industrial Engineering & Management

Episode 1 - As an alumna of the Bachelor’s and Master’s in Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente, Sophie den Hartog - Van der Ham is really combining high tech with a human touch. She found the perfect mix in her current job as supply chain manager at high-tech company ASML. Not only does she want to get the best out of the projects she’s working on, but she also wants to help people get the best out of themselves.