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Excellence programmes at the University of Twente

Are you an ambitious, talented bachelor student?

We offer talented, motivated and entrepreneurial students and pre-university students Excellence Programmes. Students who feel at ease leaving the beaten path and look beyond existing boundaries. And who are eager to make sure their ideas have societal impact. The Excellence Programmes are built on our unique High Tech Human Touch philosophy, which merges technology and social sciences.

Structure honours programme

The programme starts in February each year and is only open to the top five percent students of each programme that we offer. In about one and a half years you will follow a programme of 30 ECTS. As the programme is open to all sorts of bachelor's students, you will work with an interdisciplinary group with excellent and motivated students. You will be intensively guided and lectures will be given by a select group of scientists with different backgrounds and from different research areas. 

You will learn

  • about scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary designs
  • how to ask questions about everyday technology
  • how to write a research proposal
  • how to work with a team on a final assignment

Plus and Star Programmes

Next to the honours programme, some programmes offer their own deepening Plus or Star Programmes:

University College Twente

While the programmes described above are an addition to your regular educational programme, the programme Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) is a standalone Honours programme. University College Twente stimulates top quality by offering education at Bachelor's level for extraordinarily smart and motivated students. Read more about the University College Twente.

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