UTDesignLabWhat is Brewing in DesignLab? Our podcast has arrived!

What is Brewing in DesignLab? Our podcast has arrived! Designlab brew series

In these series of DesignLab Brew, your hosts and DreamTeamers Nefeli Kousi and Jasper-Sebastian Häsler take a look behind the scenes of DesignLab initiatives and projects, by interviewing the people who made them happen. The hosts are set to investigate both the successes and challenges faced by project leaders. And if you have submitted a question, you might get your answer during the interview!

About the podcast

The DesignLab Brew is born out of our need to reach out to our community and have interesting informal discussions about our experiences. The Designlab as a facility is now either closed or very limited in capacity. It's the physical space where conversations about project ideas, and knowledge gained from them, were made. And we miss it. Read more about the scope of our podcast in our blog

Together with you we dive into what's happening at DesignLab, by dividing current topics into four episodes. In this first episode: “Closed until further notice. Now what?”, we explore DesignLab’s response to the pandemic, the challenges and successes that we went through this past year and the future of the space going forward. Nicole Wright (Firstline Support) and Chetena Pai (fellow DreamTeamer) will talk us through their experiences as part of DesignLabs’ own social distancing task force. Their efforts have successfully kept us all safe while we work in and for DesignLab. Now we dive into how it all came to be.

First episode available
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Ask our guests!

We want you to have a voice in these conversations. This is why we extend an invitation to you to ask any questions you might have to the guests of our first and second episode. Fill in the question forms:

More info

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and you will be notified when the new podcast is available. Do you have any questions or ideas? Feel free to send an email to Nefeli, and she will get back to you as soon as possible: n.i.kousi@student.utwente.nl.