UTDesignLabQueen Máxima and experts about human-centered and responsible artificial intelligence

Queen Máxima and experts about human-centered and responsible artificial intelligence

Her Majesty Queen Máxima spoke with experts about human-centered and responsible artificial intelligence (AI) during a digital work visit last Thursday, The discussion with the various organisations involved was facilitated by the Ethics and Digitisation work group. The work group is part of ECP (Platform for the Information Society) and focuses on the developments in the field of AI, its effects on people and society, and the ethical issues that it raises. Chairmen: Professor of Philosophy of Technology/co-director DesignLab Peter-Paul Verbeek and ECP MT-member Health and Strategy Daniël Tijink.

The technology around AI is developing rapidly and its impact on society and everyday life is growing. It is therefore important to have an open discussion about relevant values and ethical issues. Human-centered and responsible artificial intelligence is AI where norms, values and ethical issues are constructively considered in the development and application of the technology. These include values such as human autonomy, well-being, justice and solidarity. ECP - Platform voor de InformatieSamenleving is an independent platform where government, knowledge institutions, the business community and social organisations work together to responsibly shape the digitising society. The Ethics and Digitisation work group focuses on issues surrounding human-centred and responsible AI.

During this digital working visit, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands spoke with experts and professionals about human-centered artificial intelligence, in three rounds. In the first round, we explain where we stand in the Netherlands in the field of human AI and the place of ethics in this field. In the second round there was a focus on the role of AI in the fields of energy, healthcare, poverty relief and the financial sector. In the final round the group looked at the future of AI. There Special attention was given to the development of the role of the consumer and (international) cooperation on ethical issues surrounding AI.

Peter-Paul Verbeek: ""The online working visit with Her Majesty the Queen was an impressive experience; a large group of people from different corners of the Netherlands were brought together to generate new insights about AI. Within this context, space was given to explain the Approach to Guidance Ethics, which we have developed in recent years. The approach enables the connection between ethics, technology and especially the attention we pay to society. At DesignLab University of Twente, we take these cases into account on a daily basis."