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Share your view on Citizen Science Project INCENTIVE

Together, we would like to further explore the opportunities of Citizen Science. Therefore, we want to know if citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs and government employees are willing to contribute to citizen science initiatives. Share your vision on Citizen Science and fill in the survey, which is available in both Dutch and English.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to fill in the survey (10 minutes). It is not needed to have a scientific background and there are no right or wrong answers: this is only about your personal views. This helps us in the further development of a Citizen Science hub which represents all of our partners in a correct manner. The survey is available in both Dutch and English.

Part of project INCENTIVE

Citizen Science is a growing field where researchers, civil society and citizens come together to participate in scientific research. We demonstrate the potential of citizen science through the co-creation, establishment and assessment of Citizen Science Hubs with project INCENTIVE, which has officially started at the beginning of this year. The three-year project is carried out by a consortium of 9 partners throughout Europe, with DesignLab as project coordinator.

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