UTDesignLabA Tangible Grip on Design Anthropology
Jelle van Dijk

A Tangible Grip on Design Anthropology

A Tangible Grip on Design Anthropology

While ethnographic studies have become the norm in human-centred design, Design Anthropology has more to offer with its interventionist approaches and theory-driven sense making. In this talk we would like to trace the characteristics of Design Anthropology through tangible objects in use as field materials, data physicalizations, design games, provotypes, conversation starters, and even theory instruments. We will show how simple physical materials can engage people in shared sense making and innovative thinking - while having fun

This talk is organised by Master-Insert programme Shaping Responsible Futures, in collaboration with DesignLab Twente and the research group Human Centred Design. 

Mette Gislev Kjærsgaard, associate professor of design anthropology, University of Southern Denmark
Jacob Buur, professor of user-centre design Department of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark

Jelle van Dijk, Assistant Professor, University of Twente 

You are all happily invited to join! 

 If you can't come to IDEATE, the talk will also be streamed online.