Powering the Solar Future - Interactive Session Sustainability Series April

In case you've missed it, the Sustainability Series is an event series organised by GreenHub Twente, DesignLab UTwente and SUsTain. It focuses on the role that YOU as an individual can play through various events including panels, interactive discussions and even movie nights! Each month will be themed and there are two events per theme. This month's theme is "Powering the Solar Future". Take part in the panel discussion on the 28th of April or join the interactive session on the 6th of May. 


This year instead of just your impact, we will be focusing on Your Voice. What impact can citizen involvement make? How can you make yourself heard? The events in the series are free and open to all, whether you are an expert or just a beginner. 


It is always a great time to talk about what is referred to as ‘the energy transition’ – the process of moving away from traditional and non-renewable sources of energy to more sustainable forms. The conversation has been ongoing for some decades now, but the world is now at an exciting tipping point – fresh ideas, new technologies, cheaper ways to harness what the universe has always given us in plenty. Yes, the energy transition is not only inevitable, but imminent – a juggernaut already on the move. Given how important and current this topic is, we have two events for you that focus on the future of the energy transition.

The Panel Discussion: April 28th - 18:45

One of the most talked-about - and effectively-harnessed - forms of alternative energy in the last 20 years has been solar energy, often described as one of the most important renewable energy sources for the energy transition. But key questions still remain. What is the future potential and efficiency of solar panels? What are key innovations on the horizon for this technology? How can solar energy be integrated into the grid effectively? What opportunities does this create for citizens at the local scale? At our event, we will explore these topics in some depth, with Jos Keurentjes, Director of the Centre for Energy Innovation, and Dr. Monica Morales Masis, Associate Professor at the IMS Group.

The Interactive Session: May 6th - 16:00

Solar farms and wind turbines, the primary tool with which wind energy is harnessed, are familiar sights to many of us. But for many citizens, both of these are experienced as intrusive in the natural landscape of their local environment. For a successful transition to renewable energy, it is therefore important that citizen opinion about the placement of these technologies is considered while designing spatial planning policies. To make this easier, researchers at the University of Twente are developing a tool that allows local stakeholders to play around with the placement of renewable energy apparatus. This allows citizens to learn about such complex problems in a playful and engaging way, making it possible for them to form their own opinions for use in local decision-making. In this workshop, researchers Cheryl de Boer and Johannes Flacke from the PGM group, ITC faculty, will present this tool and allow you to roleplay as a concerned citizen in using it. 


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DesignLab organises the Sustainability Series in collaboration with Green Hub Twente and SUsTain. Green Hub Twente is the central point for sustainability knowledge and initiatives at the UT. SUsTain is a student group and platform where students, staff, and local people can discuss and practically apply their efforts in the field of sustainability. We came together to organise this series as we all stand for sustainability, empowering people to do more, and encouraging discussion among students, staff, and citizens alike.