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Sports & Culture - season greetings

Dear Sports- and Culture enthusiasts, 

Once again, we will soon be concluding an uncertain year. There is plenty to say and write about the still shifting corona panels, which affect us all. On Campus it is currently far too quiet again, but fortunately we were able to experience a physical Kick-In and start-up of Sport and Culture in 2021. Fortunately, associations were able to train and rehearse again. In terms of offer, we have tried to make the best of it together! Despite all the misery, I am proud of that. 

Last year flexibility, adaptability, creativity, and understanding were again shown and after every press conference we immediately explored together what was possible. You never get used to disappointment, but the pandemic taught us to look at things differently and to work together. 

Corona is staying with us, and we will have to learn to deal with that. For now, this means testing, testing, testing before you go out and interact with others. 

We are looking forward to 2022! Until January 14 we can do almost nothing, but after that we will definitely come back and together, we will organise the first 'booster drinks' after many Sports and Culture activities.

Next spring will hopefully bring a time when we can return to the new normal. The new normal in which the Sport and Culture sectors can continue to grow and flourish under one department. 

Until then, we will not wait and do nothing, but with Sports and Culture in cooperation with the Student Union, Cultuurkoepel Apollo, Student Umbrella Twente and fa. Draaijer and Partner we are working on the Masterplan housing Sport & Culture. We are making new plans for expanding and upgrading our sports and culture facilities. If you would like to know more about this, the coordinators and umbrella organizations will be able to tell you all about it shortly. 

Fortunately, there is more good news to report: Evelien Bril from Delden will start as Program coordinator Culture on January 1. An inspired culture professional will strengthen the team to further shape the transition of Culture on Campus together with students. She will introduce herself to you shortly. 

On Saturday, April 30, we will celebrate the 50th Batavierenrace! Another great lustrum for the UT. Let's hope that at some point in 2022 it will be possible again to meet as before, to dream about new initiatives, new performances, championships, courses and free sports and cultural experiences! That is my wish for you and for the new year. 

I wish all, on behalf of the Sports & Culture Department, peaceful and happy holidays and a sporty and cultural 2022! 

Warm regards and stay healthy! 

Sanne Kleinenberg
Manager Sports & Culture
University of Twente.