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Cultural Courses in quartile 4 Vrijhof Culture presents

Always wanted to learn the Aboriginal people's way of Dot Painting? Or wanted to know everything about customs from Twente? Vrijhof Culture offers you very interesting and diverse cultural courses at a very attractive price, thanks to the Student Union and OPUT. Most courses are in English, on starters level and accessible for everyone with a Union- or CampusCard. All courses below have been realized in cooperation with Kaliber Kunstenschool, Volksuniversiteit Enschede, Shu Training and AKI/ArtEZ. In quartile 4 we offer the following courses:

a taste of twents

Where’s that notorious Dutch directness, here in Twente? Turns out we do things a little differently here in the east of the Netherlands. In this set of workshops, you’ll learn to recognise the first and most obvious cultural conventions of Twente, get to know your first Twents Low Saxon greetings, and taste some Twents food traditions. This short set of courses is given in English and is organized together with the UT Language Center and the UT-kring.

This course is given in 3 lessons on Wednesday evening.
Next to the course, the instructor Martin ter Denge will also give a lecture at Studium Generale and have an exhibition with Nicky Goldsteen in the Vrijhof.

creative painting & drawing

Sometimes while walking in a museum, secretly admiring a particular painting and struck by the feeling it gives you, you wonder how the painter succeeded in bringing this feeling across. This and more you will learn in the course ‘drawing and painting’.

This course is given in 8 lessons on Thursday evenings.

Creative Lunchbreak with painting & drawing

Next to the evening course, Vrijhof Culture also offers the possibility to paint/draw independently during the lunchbreak. We supply materials such and there will be an experienced guide present for helping you out, if necessary. These walk-in lessons give you the opportunity to fill in your lunchbreak in a different way, to take on other thoughts to return to your works or study again with new and refreshed energy, a boost for your creativity.

This course takes 8 lessons on Monday afternoons.

oriental dance

Discover this ancient dance, also known as bellydance. Feel how the oriental rhythm makes you shimmy, how the lyrical lines of the melody flow through your body, making it move like a snake, while hips and shoulders catch accents.

This course takes 8 lessons on Tuesday evenings.

Dot painting

Dot painting is the traditional drawing and paintings technique of the Australian aboriginals. The name says it all, dot painting is a painting technique in which you paint with drops of paint (dots). Instead of applying paint to a surface with brush strokes, dip a stick in the paint and then gently place the drop of paint on the surface.You do not need any painting experience to follow a painting course. It has a relaxing and almost meditative effect, it makes you very ZEN.

This course takes 5 lessons on Wednesday evenings.

guitar grouplessons

Perfect for anyone picking up a guitar for the first time. You will be introduced to basic guitar chords and how to read music. With only a few chords, you can play many different songs. Guitars will be available during the lessons.

This course is given over 8 lessons on Wednesday evenings.

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